The Committee is responsible for the day to day running of the Club and comprises parents and volunteers from across the squads, coaching team and swimmers.

There are a wide variety of tasks involved in maintaining the success of the Club and many roles are also undertaken by non-committee members. Please contact a member of the Committee if you are able to volunteer.

Committee Members 2017/18

Position Name


President Moira Doyle  email Moira
Vice President Kevin Smith  email Kevin
Treasurer Jude Brown  email Jude
Secretary Lorraine Maguire  email Lorraine
Head Coach Colin Barton  email Colin
Club Captains Lucy Levine

Fraser Wilson

Child Protection Officer Catriona Welsh
Competition Secretary Nicola Ferguson  email Nicola
Gala Committee Convenor Matt Evans
Officials Co-ordinator Rudi Gerstenberger
Pool Lets Co-ordinator Scott MacArthur
General Committee Members Nicola Durkie
Louise Murray
Barbara Paterson
John Redpath
Helen Thomson

Other Roles & Responsibilities

Role Name


Admissions Lesley Inglis  email Lesley
Competition Fees Secretary Sharon McInulty
Membership Secretary Linda Cuthbert
SwimShop Co-ordinator Joanna Dunlop  email Joanna
Web Administrator Louise Murray
Pre/Development Squad Admin Louisa Fraser
Bronze Squad Admin Dawn Thomson
Silver Squad Admin Helen Thomson
Gold Squad Admin Linda Cuthbert
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