Carnegie Mini Meet -November 2016 – Glenrothes

Saturday saw a hard day of competition for the swimmers from Midlothian swimming club, as youngsters were in action at the Carnegie Mini Meet which was held at the Michael Woods Centre, Glenrothes. Development coach Lesley Inglis was “over the moon at the youngsters performances” saying “they all conducted themselves extremely well and were a credit to the club” Her personal performance highlights came in the mixed relay races, with medals for all three relay teams.

In the boys 7-8 year old category, Max Turnbull won both the 25 mete freestyle and backstroke events, finishing 3rd place in the 25 meter butterfly and 7th in the 25 metre breaststroke events. Luke Whitehorn finished in third spot in the 25 meter butterfly swim, 5th in backstroke and 7th, 8th places with his butterfly and breaststroke swims. Kristopher Morris came 10th, and 11th in the butterfly and backstroke swims and finished 17th in the breaststroke.

Jack Sewell finished in 4th place with his 50 metre swims in the breaststroke and butterfly events also finishing in 6th and 8th places respectively with his backstroke and freestyle in the 9 year old boys group.
In the boys 10 year old category, Calum Murray finished in second place with his 100 metre backstroke also finishing in fifth place with both his  50 meter freestyle, and butterfly swims, and 12th in the 50 metre breaststroke. Finlay Davies achieved a fourth place with his 50 metre Butterfly, sixth in backstroke and an 11th place in breaststroke,18th place with his freestyle. Jonah Turnbull finished 6th in the 100 metre Backstroke, and 8th in the 50 metre Butterfly and 13th and 17th with his respective 50 metre breaststroke and freestyle swims. Lucius Armitage finished 18th, 19th and 20th with his butterfly,breaststroke and freestyle 50 metre events. William Mackinnon achieved 16th place in the 50 meter butterfly and 22nd places for both his breaststroke and freestyle swims.
Freddie Parker, in the boys 11 year old category finished in sixth place with his 50 meter butterfly, 100 meter backstroke, and breaststroke swims. While Murray Irving finishing in 9th place with his 100 meter backstroke and breaststroke events also finishing in 12th place with his 50 meter butterfly swim.

Layla Sensat finished in 7th, 8th 9th and 10th places with her 25 metre Butterfly,backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke swims in the girls 7-8 year old category. While teammate Jessica Smith finished in 11th, 14th and 15th places with her  freestyle, breaststroke and  backstroke swims. In the longer distance 50 meter swims Rowan Bell came second with her 50 meter butterfly swim and third in both the freestyle and backstroke swims and fifth place in the breaststroke events.

While the 9 Year Old girls category saw Charlotte Thomson winning the  50 metre Butterfly and coming second in both Breaststroke and Backstroke and third place in the freestyle event. Katy Barron finished in sixth place with her Backstroke, butterfly and freestyle swims and 9th place in the breaststroke. While Charlotte Durkie finished in 12th spot with her 50 meter breaststroke and backstroke swims also finishing in 14th place in the butterfly and freestyle events. Ellie MacArthur finished in 15th and 16th place with her butterfly and breaststroke swims also finishing in 19th, 21st place in the freestyle and backstroke events. Olivia Young also finished 29th and 30th with her freestyle and backstroke swims.


In the girls 10 year old category, Chloe Barron and Aimee Bell were on top form. The 50 meter swims saw a win for Chloe in backstroke and butterfly with Aimee winning breaststroke, and also finishing in third place in the backstroke and 4th and 8th places in the freestyle and butterfly. Chloe also achieved a, 3rd and 6th place with her freestyle and breaststroke swims. Hollie Milligan came 16th , 21st and 22nd with her butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle swims also finishing in 18th place with her 100 meter backstroke Teammate Isla Stokes achieved 11th place with her 50 meter butterfly swim and 7th 100 meter backstroke and 19th in the 100 meter breaststroke event.
In the longer distance events Chloe Barron won the 100 meter freestyle and finished in second place in the 100 metre backstroke and 200 individual medley events also making 8th place in the 100 meter breaststroke. Aimee Bell finished in second place with her 100 meter breaststroke swim, also finishing in 3rd place with her 100 metre backstroke and 200 individual medley swims and 4th in the 100 meter freestyle.

The Girls 11 year old event 50 meter events saw a win for Abigail Porteous in the 50 metre Breaststroke also finishing in 3rd and 4th places with her backstroke and freestyle swims. Emily Durkie finished in 2nd place in the backstroke, 8th in the breaststroke and 12th place with her freestyle swim. Caledonia Crosland also finished second in her breaststroke, 5th in backstroke and 10th freestyle 50 meter swims. The longer distance swims again saw a win for Abigail Porteous in the 100 breaststroke and a third placing in the 200 individual medley and 8th place in 100 meter freestyle. While Caledonia Crosland finished 4th 100 metre backstroke, 7th 100 meter freestyle and 9th in 200 individual medley. Emily Durkie also performed well at the distance events finishing 6th, 9th, 10th respectively in the 200 individual medley, 100 meter breaststroke and freestyle events.

Midlothian Active Schools Competition 2016

In case you are not fully aware, Midlothian council are massive supporters of our swimming club. This year they have organised two swimming galas as part of their Active schools programme. This allowed youngsters to compete for their schools and showcase the depth of swimming talent that is present in the area. 

Head coach, Colin Barton and Development coach, Lesley Inglis both attended to represent our club and provided officials to look after each of the races. Lesley Inglis said ” It was a fabulous opportunity to get everyone involved regardless of standards, and all the youngsters oozed enthusiasm. It was a delight to witness the high levels of team spirit”. A spokesperson from Active Schools stated ” The atmosphere poolside was amazing from the start to the finish with each of the schools cheering their classmates and friends. The response from all the schools was fantastic and it is hoped that we can build on the success of this year to include more events.” 

First up were the primary classes who swam at Dalkeith Campus on the 4th October with the secondary competition held on 7th November.

Young swimmers from twelve Midlothian primary schools entered the primary event Lasswade PS, Lawfield PS, Rosewell PS, Woodburn PS, Stobhill PS, Gorebridge PS, Hawthornden PS, Loanhead PS, Cornbank PS, Kings Park PS, Mauricewood PS, Sacred Heart PS. With secondary schools, Beeslack, St David’s, Newbattle, Lasswade and Dalkeith all fielding swimmers on the second day, our club swimmers performed amazingly well with medal winning performances too numerous to mention. However worthy of note were the two secondary mixed relay teams from Lasswade who won convincingly in both events. Congratulations to all involved.

North District Open Championships (Inverness) – 5th November 2016

Midlothian swim duo headed north to Inverness on Saturday 5th November to compete at the North District Open Championships.   Eilidh Redpath and Fraser Wilson were undaunted by the 160 mile journey to compete against the best swimmers in the North district. There are four swimming areas in Scotland and the North district supports swimming clubs from  Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and from throughout the Highlands, including Moray, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles.  


Eilidh and Fraser

Eilidh Redpath competed in the 50 metre backstroke, 50 metre freestyle, 100 metre butterfly and 200 metre individual medley events, making the finals with two of her heat swims. Finishing up in fifth place in the 100 meter butterfly final and collecting a bronze medal for her third place finish in the 200 metre individual medley event.

Fraser Wilson swam in 50 metre breaststroke, 50 metre butterfly, 100 metre freestyle and 200 metre butterfly events, making the final of the 200 meter butterfly where he took second place and collected a silver medal.

Head coach Colin Barton was delighted with the swimmers efforts stating “they both recorded personal best times in all their events and given that Eilidh and Fraser were competing in the 16 years and under age group, they did really well to qualify for finals and win medals considering they are aged only 13 and 14 years old respectfully.”


Lincoln Vulcans Open Meet – 22nd October 2016

Two Midlothian swimmers headed south recently to take part in the Lincoln Vulcans open meet which was held on 22nd October 2016 Ponds Forge, Sheffield. This event is seen as a warm up event ahead of the ASA intercounties championship which was held at the same venue on Sunday 23rd October. This major team event sees specially selected quads from across the uk, swimming to amass points for their district teams. The teams are ranked into leagues with top leagues swimming to avoid relegation to lower leagues. 

Two local swimmers were selected to represent the Scotland East team at both meets. At the Lincoln Vulcans meet, Eilidh Redpath won the 14 year old girls 200m IM with her time of  2:26.60 She was again on the winners podium with her 200m Freestyle swim, achieving a second place finish with both her 400m, and 100m Backstroke swims.  While Fraser Wilson won the 200m Freestyle in the 14 Yrs Age Group category in a time of 2:02.08 also winning the 200m IM and 400m Freestyle swims as well as winning the Boys Open 100m Backstroke at the Lincoln Vulcans Saturday meet.


Fraser was then was selected to swim the backstroke leg in the 200 meter medley event at intercounties championship in his age category. The medley team finished in second place behind Yorkshire Overall, the  Scotland East team finished in sixth position in league. Next year Scotland West moves up to the same league as they gain promotion from the second league, meaning competition will intensify. 


Head coach Colin Barton praised the youngsters saying “Eilidh and Fraser were both the youngest swimmers selected in their age group so their selection  alone was an achievement. Despite both being being less than 100% health wise they swam extremely well particularly on the Saturday.

Active Schools Swimming Gala October 2016

The 2016 Active Schools Swimming Gala was held at Dalkeith Campus on Tuesday 4th October 2016. A total of twelve Midlothian schools were involved including Lasswade PS, Lawfield PS, Rosewell PS, Woodburn PS, Stobhill PS, Gorebridge PS, Hawthornden PS, Loanhead PS, Cornbank PS, Kings Park PS, Mauricewood PS, Sacred Heart PS. Swimmers came from from Primaries 5, 6 and 7 and the gala ended with an Awards Ceremony for all the winners. Thanks Active Schools and Midlothian council for supporting the event, which proved to be a huge success.
There was a tremendous atmosphere poolside, with school pupils cheering on their classmates and friends, and it is hoped to build on the success of this years event. Special thanks are extended to Midlothian Swimming Club who supported the event by providing officials.  
Midlothian swimming club youngsters were on winning form with a win for Chloe Barron in the 50 metre front crawl and a third place for Alex Tice-Young.  Charlotte Thomson won the 25 metre back stroke,  with Charlotte Durkie finishing in third spot. The 50 meter back stroke saw a second and third for Caledonia Crossland and Mia Ponton. While Aimee Bell won the 25 metre breaststroke event with a third place for Charlotte Thomson. Aimee Bell also won the 50 metre breaststroke swim with Chloe Barron making do with in second place. Leaving Jonah Turnbull to finish in second place in the boys 50 metre breaststroke event.  Erin Ponton was third in the P5 25 metre back stroke event with a time of 27.97 seconds.  WELL DONE EVERYONE.

District Swim Training Day 2016

(Back left) Ellie Robertson, (Back Right) Ria Colbridge,  (Front Left) Lewis Thomson, (Front Right) Jamie Ferguson


Midlothian swimmers have been making a bit of a splash with their swim performances. Four youngsters have been selected to attend this year’s  District Regional  training days. Top performance times last season, meant Ria Colbridge, Jamie Ferguson, Ellie Robertson, and Lewis Thomson were amongst some of the top  swimmers from the East of Scotland, in the 11 – 14 years old  age category. As a result of their achievements, they  have been  invited to attend three intensive days of swim training at Lochgelly High School, along with other talent swimmers from teams all over the East District Region.   The first of these days was 25th September, with another dates falling in November and December. The youngsters are split into different groups according to their age category and will undergo training in  the pool, and also land based exercise plus other educational  sessions. On completion of these three days, if they impress the coaching staff they stand a chance of being nominated to attend an additional day of training in April 2017.

Midlothian swimming, head coach Colin Barton is ‘proud of all the youngsters hard work and achievements” and is “looking forward to their future performances.”


Midlothian Sports Awards 2016

The 2016 Midlothian Sports Awards was staged at Lasswade High School on Friday evening. Midlothian Swimming Club youngster, 14-year-old Fraser Wilson was delighted to win the Junior Sports Personality award after another impressive year of achievement in the pool.   Fraser, is a multiple Scottish national age group champion and schools champion.
Colin Barton Head Coach, was there to witness Fraser pick up his trophy, saying  ‘To win this award when up against so many very talented young people from all sports, is a great achievement. It is wonderful to see that Fraser’s dedication and hard work has been recognised.”
The Paralympian swimmer Scott Quin was crowned Senior Sports Personality at the 2016 Midlothian Sports Awards.  The  Loanhead-based swimmer, 26, topped off a memorable year with this award. Earlier in the year he won a silver medal in the 100m breaststroke SB14 paralympicfinal in Rio. Scott said:  “I’m proud to come from Midlothian and the support I’ve received from everybody in the local area has been unbelievable.”