District Swim Training Day 2016

(Back left) Ellie Robertson, (Back Right) Ria Colbridge,  (Front Left) Lewis Thomson, (Front Right) Jamie Ferguson


Midlothian swimmers have been making a bit of a splash with their swim performances. Four youngsters have been selected to attend this year’s  District Regional  training days. Top performance times last season, meant Ria Colbridge, Jamie Ferguson, Ellie Robertson, and Lewis Thomson were amongst some of the top  swimmers from the East of Scotland, in the 11 – 14 years old  age category. As a result of their achievements, they  have been  invited to attend three intensive days of swim training at Lochgelly High School, along with other talent swimmers from teams all over the East District Region.   The first of these days was 25th September, with another dates falling in November and December. The youngsters are split into different groups according to their age category and will undergo training in  the pool, and also land based exercise plus other educational  sessions. On completion of these three days, if they impress the coaching staff they stand a chance of being nominated to attend an additional day of training in April 2017.

Midlothian swimming, head coach Colin Barton is ‘proud of all the youngsters hard work and achievements” and is “looking forward to their future performances.”


Midlothian Sports Awards 2016

The 2016 Midlothian Sports Awards was staged at Lasswade High School on Friday evening. Midlothian Swimming Club youngster, 14-year-old Fraser Wilson was delighted to win the Junior Sports Personality award after another impressive year of achievement in the pool.   Fraser, is a multiple Scottish national age group champion and schools champion.
Colin Barton Head Coach, was there to witness Fraser pick up his trophy, saying  ‘To win this award when up against so many very talented young people from all sports, is a great achievement. It is wonderful to see that Fraser’s dedication and hard work has been recognised.”
The Paralympian swimmer Scott Quin was crowned Senior Sports Personality at the 2016 Midlothian Sports Awards.  The  Loanhead-based swimmer, 26, topped off a memorable year with this award. Earlier in the year he won a silver medal in the 100m breaststroke SB14 paralympicfinal in Rio. Scott said:  “I’m proud to come from Midlothian and the support I’ve received from everybody in the local area has been unbelievable.”



Iain MacFadyen Memorial Gala, 3rd September 2016 – Prestonpans

Congratulations to all the Midlothian swimmers who were competing at Iain MacFadyen Memorial Gala held at Mercat Gait Centre – Prestonpans on the 3rd of September. The long summer break must have been good for the youngsters as Development coach Lesley Inglis was “surprised and delighted with the youngsters performances.” The team succeeded in picking up points trophy, a historic first for the club, as well as breaking a few meet records.”

In the girls 11 year old 100 metre individual medley event, Caledonia Crosland achieved a bronze medal. While Emily Durkie finished in sixth place, and Abigail Porteous finished in eighth position, with a 14th place for Amy Sewell, 19th position for Mia Ponton, and 20th place for Molly Hall.

In the boys 11 year Old 100 metre individual medley event Freddie Parker finished in 5th place with a seventh placing for Murray Irving.

Cerys Pritchard finished in sixth position in the girls 12 year old 100 metre backstroke event while it was second and third place for Roan Murray and Calum Evans in the boys 12 year old 100 Metre Backstroke, with a 7th place for Kyle Muirhead.

In the girls 8-10 year old 25 metre butterfly Erin Ponton and Ellie Cassidy finished in 15th and 16th place.

Chloe Barron won gold in the girls 8-10 year old 50 metre butterfly event with bronze for Aimee Bell. While Isla Stokes achieved 14th position with and 18th place for Katy Barron and 22nd placing for Orla Maxwell.

In the boys 8-10 50 metre butterfly event Calum Murray achieved seventh place with 11th placing for Sam Whitehorn

Abigail Porteous was on winning form in the girls 11 year old 50 metre breaststroke event, with a bronze for Caledonia Crosland and a fourth position for Emily Durkie. Amy Sewell finished in ninth place with Mia Ponton and Molly Hall finishing in 15th and 16th position respectively.
Muir Simpson finished in fifth place in the boys 11 year Old 50 metre breaststroke event with a seventh and eighth place finish for Murray Irving and Freddie Parker.

Cerys Pritchard finished in fourth place in the girls 12 year old 100 metre breaststroke event while Roan Murray won gold in the boys 12 year old 100 metre breaststroke event.

In the girls 8-10 year old 50 metre backstroke it was silver and bronze medals for Chloe Barron and Aimee Bell. With 16th place finish for Isla Stokes, 19th place for Katy Barron, 25th for Orla Maxwell, and 28th for Rowan Bell. While Charlotte Durkie finished in 31st position and Ellie Cassidy achieved 40th place and Erin Ponton finishing in 42nd place.

In the boys 8-10 year old 50 metre backstroke event there was an eighth position for Calum Murray, tenth for Sam Whitehorn and 18th place for Jack Sewell.

While it was and 8th, 9th and 10th position for Emily Durkie, Abigail Porteous, and Caledonia Crosland respectively in the girls 11 year old 50 metre butterfly event with Amy Sewell finishing in 12th place.

In the boys 11 year old 50 metre butterfly event Muir Simpson, Freddie Parker and Murray Irving finished in fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively.

While in the relay event the Midlothian A team won a bronze medal in the Mixed 8-10 4×25 Metre Medley Relay and silver and bronze in the for the Midlothian A and B teams in the Mixed 11-12 4×50 Metre Medley Relay

Cerys Pritchard finished in fifth place in the girls 12 year old 100 metre individual medley, while Roan Murray won silver in the boys 12 year old 100 metre individual medley, with Calum Evans and Kyle Muirhead finishing in fourth and sixth position.

Aimee Bell was on gold medal winning form in the girls 8-10 50 metre breaststroke with a seventh place for Chloe Barron. Katy Barron, Orla Maxwell, Charlotte Durkie and Isla Stokes finished in 18th, 21st, 23rd and 26th positions rspectively while Rowan bell Ellie Cassidy and Erin Ponton finished in 36th, 40, and 41st places.

While Sam Whitehorn finished in ninth position in the boys 8-10 50 metre breaststroke, with a 16th and 17th place finish for Jack Sewell and Calum Murray.

In the girls 11 year old 50 metre backstroke, Emily Durkie and Caledonia Crosland finished in 7th and 8th place with Amy Sewell, Mia Ponton and Molly Hall finishing in 14th, 15th and 17th places.

Freddie Parker won a bronze medal in the boys 11 year old 50 metre backstroke, with a sixth and seventh place finish for Muir Simpson and Murray Irving.

While Calum Evans won gold boys 12 year old 50 metre butterfly with a bronze medal placing for Kyle Muirhead.

Chloe Barron won gold in the girls 8-10 year old 50 metre freestyle with a silver medal for Aimee Bell. While it was a 21st, 26th, 27th, 30th, 36th and 42nd placing for teammates Isla Stokes, Orla Maxwell, Katy Barron, Charlotte Durkie, Rowan Bell and Ellie Cassidy.

The boys 8-10 year old 50 metre freestyle saw a 13th place for Calum Murray, 15th place for Sam Whitehorn and 20th place for Jack Sewell.

In the girls 11 year old 100 metre freestyle event, Emily Durkie finished in ninth position with 11th, 12th 17th and 18th place for Caledonia Crosland, Amy Sewell, Molly Hall and 18th place for Mia Ponton.

Freddie Parker and Muir Simpson won silver and bronze medals in the boys 11 year old 100 metre freestyle while Murray Irving finished in sixth place.

Also finishing in sixth place was Cerys Pritchard in the girls 12 year old 100 metre freestyle event.

While it was third, fourth and fifth place for Calum Evans, Roan Murray and Kyle Muirhead in the boys 12 year old 100 metre freestyle event.

A third place finish for the mixed 8-10 year old 4×25 metre freestyle relay team with a time of 1:10.55 while it was 3rd and 5th position for Midlothian A and B teams in the Mixed 11-12 4×50 metre freestyle relay event.

First Aid Training – 2016

Nine midlothian youngsters took part in a spot of first aid training, organised by Midlothian swimming club coach Gilbert Kirkwood, who happens to volunteer for the Penicuik first responders. The session was led by first responder, Philip Knight and covered the basics of what to do in an emergency situation.  This included how to correctly perform CPR and what to do if someone is suspected of having a heartattack, is choking or is bleeding heavily. We hope that the youngsters never need to use the skills they learned, but it’s great they learned from the local expert first responders.

Fuerteventura 2016 – Quotes


  • I told Colin about the cold. However, he gave me his straight face and called me a woos.
  • Weather conditions were as predictable as Scotland, which means they were completely unpredictable!
  • I jumped into the water. It hit me like an iceberg hit the Titanic.
  • I jumped into the freezing Atlantic water again.
  • When I was doing back crawl I was trying to make shapes out of the clouds.
  • I am intelligent but I cannot write.
  • It was so boring (A distance Session) I thought I was going to fall into a coma.
  • Finding out that going a bit faster is not going to kill you!
  • I was feeling cold then I was cheered up when I saw Gilbert.
  • Tucked in a corner with an umbrella up. I nearly chocked because I was laughing so much.
  • This Island is surrounded by water.
  • Dear Rebel Kirkwood and Cop Colin Sparten Barton, I was surprised at how well I swam and cannot wait to swim in warm, cosy Midlothian pools. I.P. Fuerteventura Ice Bath.























Sunshine Swim Camp – Feb 2016

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Sunshine Swim Camp
Fuerteventura (Feb 2016)

In February fifteen youngster from the Club escaped the wintery weather and headed off to the warmth on a intensive training camp at Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

The youngsters departed from Glasgow airport early on Saturday morning accompanied by coaching staff, Colin Barton and Gilbert Kirkwood. Also travelling was team manager Helen Thomson with several parent helpers including Susan Wilson, who all jumped at the chance of accompanying the young swimmers for the week in the sun. The early start didn’t dampen their spirits and the youngsters all happily displayed their team sponsors, Arthur Mackay hoodies and tshirts.
The resort where they trained had a six lane  50 metre competiton pool, where the youngsters trained in twice each day. Along with land training sessions and gym work and training lectures, they might need another holiday to recover.
Message from Colin Barton (Head Coach).   During the week the swimmers  had 10 x 2 hour pool sessions where they experienced swimming in the open air, in salt water, in the rain and the in the dark which were all new to them. In addition they had 2 sessions on land which were also outside.
All swimmers worked really hard and will reap the benefits in the coming months.
The team spirit between the group was great and everyone had a great time which culminated in the fancy dress and presentation evening on the final day.
Many thanks to Gilbert and Helen for their huge input over the week.

Dalguise Summer Camp 2015

A large contingent of swimmers from all squads of Midlothian swimming club took part in a team building weekend at Dalguise, Perthshire. Primarily a fun activity weekend the youngsters are split up into smaller groups to take part in activities such as, mountain biking, zip wire, abseiling,  Sequoia Scramble , Jacob’s ladder, and the infamous giant swing. The mainly yearly event provides an opportunity for the youngsters to have a great deal of fun, whilst fostering a great team spirit. Denise Golder, the club president, says parent organiser David Eunson “deserves a gold medal for arranging this for 3 years out of the last 4 years, the trip is always eagerly anticipated by the youngsters.” Thanks also goes to Vicky Hammersley, Mark Pritchard  and head coach Colin Barton who volunteered this year.

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