Forres Bluefins Gala – 2015

Forres 1 Forres 2
Midlothian swimming club recently  headed north for a weekend of tough competition at the Forres Bluefins gala . The standard of swimming was extremely high with many clubs from the north of Scotland competing at this event. Amongst them, was the teenage commonwealth games superstar, Erraid Davies from Shetland. She was the youngest person to compete for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 and achieved a bronze medal in the SB9 category for 100m breaststroke
Davies was competing in five races, for her own club Delting, winning the Girls 14 Year Olds 100 SC Meter Breaststroke in a time of 1:21.77 Despite a busy schedule, Erraid took time to pose for a photograph with the Midlothian swimmers.  This  Forres  Bluefins  event is a key meet in the yearly swim calendar of the club with a total of twenty four swimmers traveling north this year, accompanied by coaching staff, parents and volunteers.  Midlothian  won the best overall team, the third year in a row the club has won this shield.   The Forres Bluefins meet organiser even joked that “  you have my permission to bring a weaker team along next year” . The swimmers stayed at a nearby youth hostel, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel and compete as a team and they are looking forward to next year already.


Girls 13 Year Olds 100 Meter Breaststroke race saw Sam Paterson finishing in 4th place with a time of 1:32.84. Izzy Drysdale, Laura Halliday and Amber Roe came in ; 8th,10th and 11th place respectively. Girls 13 Year Olds 100 Meter IM event saw Sam Paterson making 2nd place with a strong swim and teammates Laura Halliday and Amber Roe and Izzy Drysdale finishing in 10th and 12th and 14th places. Sam also finished in 2nd place in the Girls 13 Year Olds 100 Meter Backstroke, with 11th, 12th and 15th place going to Amber Roe, Laura Halliday, Izzy Drysdale.

Girls 13 Year Olds 100 Meter Freestyle event saw 4th place, 6th and 10th place going to  Sam Paterson , Izzy Drysdale and Amber Roe with Laura Halliday finishing in 14th place . Whilst in the Girls 13 Year Olds 100 SC Meter Butterfly Laura Halliday come 3rd with 5th place going to Sam Paterson with Amber Roe in 7th place and 14th place for Izzy Drysdale

In the Boys 14 Year Olds 100 Meter Breaststroke event, Matthias Rietveld won in a time of 1:18.99, also on winning form in the Boys 14 Year Olds 100 Meter IM and 100 Meter Butterfly events and Boys 14 Year Olds 100 Meter Freestyle events.
In the Girls 8-10 50 Meter Freestyle event Andrea Suarez came in 7th place, also finishing in 8th place in the Girls 8-10 50 Meter Backstroke event. Girls 8-10 100 Meter IM and Girls 8-10 50 Meter Butterfly events saw her improve with a 6th place finish, and 5th in the Girls 8-10 50 Meter Breaststroke competition.
In the Boys 11 Year Olds 100 Meter Freestyle, 100 Meter IM, 100 Meter Butterfly,100 Meter Breaststroke and Backstroke events  Jamie Ferguson was on top form with wins in them all. Teammate Jamie Golder producing solid performances with his swims managing 7th place in the 100 meter butterfly, 8th in 100 meter IM and backstroke events, finishing 9th in the 100 meter breaststroke and 100 meter IM events.

Girls 11 Year Olds 100 Meter Breaststroke event was won by Ria Colbridge. She also achieved 2nd place in the Girls 11 Year Olds 100 Meter Freestyle, 11 Year Old, 100  Meter IM, 11 Year Old 100 Meter Butterfly events and placed 3rd in the Girls 11 Year Old 100 Meter Backstroke event.
In the Boys 12 Year Old category, there were wins for Fraser Wilson in the 100 Meter Backstroke, 100  Meter Butterfly ,  100 Meter Breaststroke,  100 Meter IM events with 4th places going to Euan Edmiston in the back, butterfly events and 5th places in breaststroke and IM. The Boys 12 Year Olds 100 Meter Freestyle  was won by Fraser Wilson in an impressive 1:00.15 time.

Girls 12 Year Olds 100 Meter Backstroke event saw 1st place going to Eilidh Redpath with teammate Jodie Finlay finishing just behind in second place. Ellie Brown finishing in 4th place with Toni Jenkinson finishing in 7th place. The Girls 12 Year Olds 100 Meter Breaststroke was won by Jodie Finlay  with Ellie Brown finishing in 6th place with Evie Cuthbert and Toni Jenkinson, in 7th place and 10th place respectively. Girls 12 Year Olds 100 Meter IM was won by Eilidh Redpath, with 2nd, 4th and 5th places being won by  Jodie Finlay, Ellie Brown and Evie Cuthbert. Eilidh Redpath also won in the Girls 12 Year Olds 100 Meter Butterfly event with Jodie Finlayson achieving 2nd with Evie Cuthbert in 4th place and Ellie Brown making 5th. Toni Jenkinson managed with 9th place in IM with an 8th place in the butterfly event.  Eilidh Redpath was again on winning form in the Girls 12 Year Olds 100 Meter Freestyle with 3rd place, 4th and 5th place going to Jodie Finlay, Ellie Brown and Evie Cuthbert with an 11th place  for Toni Jenkinson
The Boys 15 & Over 100 Meter Butterfly were closely matched with Ross Muego achieving 3rd place overall, with teammates Jake Hadfield, Iain Doyle, Thomas Rietvelt finishing 4th, 5th and 6th behind him. In the Boys 15 & Over 100 Meter Freestyle, Ross Muego came in 2nd place with 4th place going to Iain Doyle. Thomas Rietvelt finishing in 5th place. Boys 15 & Over 100 Meter Backstroke again saw Ross Muego finishing in 3rd place with a time of 1:09.27 with Thomas Rietvelt achieving 4th place and Iain Doyle finishing in 5th place. The Boys 15 & Over 100  Meter Breaststroke event saw the boys almost finish with the same placings, however this time Ian and Thomas reversed places.
Boys 15 & Over 100 Meter IM saw Ross achieving 3rd place in 1.06.99 with Iain Doyle in 4th, with  6th place for Thomas Rietvelt
A strong field in the Girls 15 & Over 100 Meter Butterfly event saw Beth McFarlane winning in a time of 1:11.32 with Katie Golder coming in 2nd place. Vaila Robertson achieving 4th place with Eilidh Edmiston finishing in 7th place, and team captain Jenny Timoney placing 8th. The Girls 15 & Over 100 Meter Freestyle was won by Katie Golder  this time with Beth McFarlane finishing in third place. Eilidh Edmiston finished in 4th place, with Jenny Timoney finishing in 6th with Vaila Robertson finishing in 8th place. Girls 15 & Over 100 Meter Backstroke was won by Katie Golder  with Beth McFarlane, Eilidh Edmiston, Jenny Timoney, Vaila Robertson finishing in 5th, 6th 8th and 9th respectively. Katie Golder won the Girls 15 & Over 100 Meter IM with

3rd place going to Beth McFarlane, 6th place falling to Eilidh Edmiston, with 8th and 9th going to Vaila Robertson and Jenny Timoney. Girls 15 & Over 100 Meter Breaststroke was won by Beth McFarlane with Katie Golder finishing in 3rd place, with 5th place  Eilidh Edmiston and 8th place for Jenny Timoney and 11th place for Vaila Robertson.

Boys 8-12 50 Meter Freestyle Relay was won by Midlothian A , with the older Boys 13 & Over 50 Meter Freestyle Relay Team also winning with their Midlothian A team.  The Midlothian A team girls were determined to maintain this top form, by coming in first place in the 8-12 year old 50 SC Meter Freestyle Relay, whilst the Girls 13 & Over 50 Meter Freestyle Relay managed a creditable joint second place for Midlothian A and 4th place for Midlothian B. Both girls and Boys in both 8-12 and 13 and over age groups were won by Midlothian A teams to help boost the clubs points total to retain the Forres Blue fins best team of the competition shield.

Scottish Summer Meet – Royal Commonwealth Pool – July 2015

Scottish Summer Meet RCP - July 15

A trio of Midlothian swimmers were in action at the Royal Commonwealth pool for the Scottish Summer meet in July. The very best of age group swimmers from all over Scotland, were making a splash, competing in the pool. Midlothian swimming club were represented by Beth McFarlane, Matt Rietvelt and Fraser Wilson.

Competing in the boys 15 year olds category for the 100 and 200 meter butterfly events was Matt Rietvelt, who finished in a very creditable fifth place for 100 meter race in a time of 1:03.97 and sixth place in the 200 meter in a time of 2:29.26, just missing out on a place in the 50 meter butterfly final, by 0.05  seconds in a terrific time of 29.32 seconds.

Beth McFarlane was in action in the girls 16 year olds age group, 100 meter butterfly heats, just missing out on a place in the finals with a ninth place in 1:14.02. Whilst in the 50 meter breaststroke event, a fast heat time saw her leading going into the finals, finishing the race first, although she was sadly disqualified. Undaunted by this faux pas she is delighted to be heading south to Sheffield at the beginning of August to take part in the ASA National Summer Championships. This competition sees the very fastest swimmers from all over the United Kingdom competing at Ponds Forge,  in her favourite 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events. 

 However the youngest thirteen year old, Fraser Wilson was on unstoppable form with gold medal winning performances in the boys 12-13 year old category, 50 and 100 meter butterfly events with a times of 29.27 and 1:05.32. Also winning the gold in the 12-13 year old 50 meter, 100 meter and 200 meter backstroke events with times of in 31.55,1:07.03, and 2.25.48. Finishing nearly two seconds ahead of his nearest rival, not content with this haul of gold medals he also won silver medals in the 50 meter freestyle with a time of 28.05, 100 meter freestyle event with a time of 59.72 and 200 meter freestyle event in 2.13.81. 

Head coach, Colin Barton was on poolside throughout the three day competition said he “was extremely pleased with the performances of all three at the end of a long season “. Talent, and dedication in training means that “the vast majority of the swims resulted in personal best times. The standard of competition was high and our swimmers acquitted themselves very well.”

Scottish National Age Group Swimming Championships – 2015

Champion swimming success at SNAGS 2015

Snag 1 2015 Snag 2 2015 Snag 3 2015 Snag 4 2015
A group of nine Midlothian swimmers took part in this year’s Scottish National Age Group Swimming Championships, which were held this year at the aquatic centre at the Aberdeen Sports village.
The following swimmers from Midlothian swimming club; Ria Colbridge, Jamie Ferguson, Jodie Finlay, Katie Golder, Beth McFarlane, Eilidh Redpath, Matt Rietvelt Lewis Thomson, Fraser Wilson, competed against the top age group swimmers in Scotland, as well as a large contingent travelling from England.
Head coach Colin Barton was delighted with his swimmers stating that “they all performed extremely well.”
Fraser Wilson claimed 4 national titles in the 13 years age group, these being the 50m butterfly and all 50,100, 200m backstroke events. He also finished second in the 100m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle as well as contesting 4 other finals.
Breaststroke specialist, Lewis Thomson became national champion in the 11/12 years age group in the 200m and finished a close second in the 50m and 100m events.
Another breaststroker, Beth McFarlane, finished with 2 bronze medals in the 100m and 200m events and reached the finals of her 2 butterfly events.
Eilidh Redpath and Jamie Ferguson left it to the final day before both won silver in the 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke events respectfully. Over the course of the championships they also qualified for another five finals between them
Katie Golder qualified for 4 finals namely 50m, 100m, 200m backstroke and 200m Individual medley events.
Matt Rietvelt reached 2 finals 100m and 200m butterfly and narrowly missed a place in the 50m final.
The two remaining swimmers, Ria Colbridge and Jodie Finlay, both swam confidently, despite competing at this event for the first time, almost reaching finals.

SASA North District Junior Long Course Trials – May 2015

aberdeencrew1Time Trials Aberdeen 15

Success in the pool for eleven swimmers from Midlothian Swimming club. The squad headed north to take part in the SASA North District Junior Long Course Time trials. The youngsters travelled to compete at the Aberdeen Sport village, in the fifty meter competition pool at the aquatic centre.  Head coach Colin Barton was delighted with his young swimmers, who he said “all performed well”  at the trials.

Katie Golder and  Fraser Wilson   finished in first place in their separate age category events for the 50 meter, 100meter and 200 meter backstroke events.  Jamie Ferguson, finished in first place for his 200 meter backstroke swim whilst finishing second place for both his for his 100  meter  and 50 meter  backstroke  events.
Matt Rievelt was on great form to finished in first position with both his 50 meter and 100 meter butterfly swims.
In the longer freestyle distance events, Katie Golder took top slot in her 400 meter swim, and the 800 freestyle event saw a first place for Eilidh Redpath with Jodie Finlay finishing in third place.
The 200 meter freestyle event saw Katie Golder and Fraser Wilson taking pole position with Matt Rietveld and Lewis Thomson finishing second. Both Ria Colbridge and Jamie Ferguson made third place with their swims.  Fraser Wilson , Jamie Ferguson and Katie Golder were again in winning form with their 100 meter freestyle events. Lewis Thomson coming in second place with Ria Colbridge, Iain Doyle and Matt Rievelt all taking third place in their 100 meter freestyle events.  The 50 meter freestyle race saw a quick swim again from Matt Rievelt with Iain Doyle taking third spot.
The 200 individual medlay event saw Fraser Wilson and Eilidh Redpath coming in first place with Jamie Ferguson finishing in second place.
The 200 breaststroke event saw first place for both Ria Colbridge and Lewis Thomson with a third for Iain Doyle.  In the 100 meter breaststroke event both Beth McFarlane and Lewis Thomson finished in top spot in their age category, with teammates Iain Doyle and Ria Colbridge finishing  well in second place   and third place respectively.  Lewis Thomson and Ria Colbridge also came in second place in the 50 meter breaststroke, whilst Iain Doyle made third place in his swim.

East Lothian Swim Team Novice Gala – Prestonpans

Development squad 15

Sixteen younger members of Midlothian swimming club were in action on Saturday 21st February, taking part in the East Lothian Swim Team Novice Gala, at Prestonpans.

The development squad are the junior section of the competitive Midlothian swim team, that train at Beeslack Community High School, Penicuik, on a Thursday and Sundays.  At this gala there was a target time, to encourage swimmers to better their personal bests.

Two swimmers were all rewarded by speeding ticket certificates for their fast swims. These were Aimee Bell, who posted four out of four personal best times, knocking three seconds off her time in the 25m butterfly and recorded three new event times for her 50m backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke events. Her 50m breaststroke swim won her a speeding ticket award. Whilst Hope Thomson won this award for her 50m backstroke swim, in the nine year old category.
Caledonia Crosland recorded personal bests for for her 50m backstroke, and freestyle events.  Molly Hall, posted two personal best times for 50m backstroke and freestyle events, and almost matched her existing times in 25m butterfly and 50m breaststroke. Logan Roe swam well in his 50m breast and freestyle events to improve his times substantially. Emily Durkie won a gold medal in the 50m butterfly event for 10 year old females. This knocked nearly six seconds off her previous time and also achieving a personal best time for her 50m freestyle event and a silver medal in the 50m breaststroke.
Amy Sewell performed well in her 50m freestyle event and matched her recent times in 50m butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke events. Jessica Levine, achieved her first time, for the 50m butterfly event, and still had enough energy to knock an impressive five seconds off her 50m backstroke time, and match her 50m breaststroke and 50m freestyle times. William Sander achieved an improvement in three of his swims. Muir Simpson managed an improvement in the 50m butterfly event, whilst Euan Maguire beat his personal best times in 50m backstroke and breastroke. Colin Doyle swam faster in his 50m butterfly, 50m breastroke and 50m freestyle swims. Leo Marshall swam well in his swims but a goggle incident meant he posted a slower time in the 50m breaststroke. Roan Murray achieved two personal best for his  50m butterfly and backstroke events. Kyle Muirhead swam new personal record times in 50m, back breast and freestyle events, not forgetting Adam Smith who posted faster times in all four of his events.

Development Team coach, Lesley Inglis  was heaping praise on all their performances, saying “there must be something special in the water, as we had an exciting day, with many fabulous swims from the whole club”

Scottish Age Group Championships

This year’s championships were held at the recently opened Aberdeen Sports village over 6 days in March/April.

A team of 9 Midlothian swimmers qualified for a total of 58 events.

Fraser Wilson had a great week finishing as National champion in 4 events, the 50m butterfly, 50m, 100m & 200 backstroke as well as 3 silver medals in the 100m butterfly, 50 & 100m freestyle.

Lewis Thomson finished as national champion in the 200m breaststroke in a time which currently ranks him as the fastest 12 year old in Britain. He also won silver in the 50 & 100m breaststroke.

Beth McFarlane won bronze in the 100m & 200m breaststroke with 2 very gutsy swims.

Eilidh Redpath had a super swim in the 50m butterfly to win silver and Jamie Ferguson matched this in the very next event, the 50m backstroke.

This brought to an end the club’s best ever performance at these championships with a total of 14 medals.

The remaining swimmers, Katie Golder, Matt Rietvelt, Jodie Finlay and Ria Colbridge performed really well with 58.5% of all swims resulting in finals and 78.5% were personal bests.



Fraser & Colin (1)

Fraser Wilson with the Andrew Taylor trophy and Colin Barton with the Bob Greenlees Memorial award

Congratulations to Fraser Wilson who won The Andrew Taylor award (Boys) at the  East District Age group finals in January 2015.  This event was held at Royal Commonwealth Pool Edinburgh. Two awards are  presented annually to the boy and girl in the youngest age group who achieves the highest FINA points for an individual swim at this competition. This was achieved by Fraser in his 200m IM swim, where  he amassed a 430 FINA points.

The Bob Greenlees Memorial Award is then presented to the coaches of the swimmers who have won the Andrew Taylor trophy.