East District Age Groups – Round 2 Michael Woods Centre, Glenrothes

There was a tremendous weekend of competitive swimming at East
District Age Groups Round 2 which was held at Michael Woods Centre,
Glenrothes. Youngsters from across the east district were competing
against one and other, in the second of a series of three competitions
to see who will be proclaimed East District age group champion at the
final event held at Royal commonwealth pool on the 3rd to 5th February
2017. This competition saw around twenty five Midlothian swimmers in
action, with some thrilling racing live screened on the web for those
who were unable to travel to spectate.

Head coach Colin Barton was delighted with the performances stating
“Despite this meet being held very early in the season, the swimmers
rose to the challenge with the vast majority of swims producing
personal bests.”

There was a sixth place finish in the boys 14 year old 200 metre
butterfly final for Jamie Ferguson and also a fourth place for him in
the 200 metre backstroke final. Lewis Thomson also finished in fourth
place with the 200 metre breaststroke final in the same age category
in a time of 2:43.09

While in the 15 year old boys category, Fraser Wilson won the finals
of both the 200 metre butterfly and backstroke events. He also
finished third place in the 200 metre breaststroke final , also
winning the the 200 metre freestyle in 2:00.03, just shy of the two
minute mark.

The girls 14 year old 200 metre breaststroke final saw a seventh place
for Ria Colbridge with her time of 2:58.18 also achieving seventh
place for her 200 metre freestyle final swim. Eilidh Redpath won the
girls 15 year olds 200 metre breaststroke final convincingly with her
time of 2:40.35 also going on to win the 200 metre freestyle and
finishing in third place with her 200 metre butterfly final and again
third place in the 200 metre backstroke final. While club captain Beth
McFarlane was second in the girls 17 senior 200 metre breaststroke
final with a commanding performance and time of 2:37.94

Although some swimmers did not reach the final stages they still
achieved remarkable time improvements, amongst the highlights in
backstroke were Chloe Barron nine seconds improvement, Lewis Thomson
(11), Jamie Golder (11), Ria Colbridge (5). While in breaststroke
these performances were mirrored by a twelve second improvement by
Jamie Ferguson, Roan Murray (15) ,Aimee Bell (9) and Abigail Porteous
(5). While Lewis Thomson improved by five seconds with his freestyle

Amongst the other performances were the girls 11-12 200 metre backstroke heats which saw a seventeenth place finish for Chloe Barron in 2:58.45 while Caledonia Crosland finished in 22nd place, in the same event. Emily Durkie finished in 33rd place in the girls 13 year olds category. While Ria Colbridge finished in twelfth place in the in the 14 year old category, and Olivia Muirhead finished in 25th place with a time of 2:47.61 in the same event. The girls 15 year old category, saw a 20th place finish for Jodie Finlay with Evie Cuthbert finishing in 24th spot and Ellie Brown finishing in 30th position. While Sam Paterson finished in 16th place in the 16 year old category with both her breaststroke and backstroke swims.

The girls 200 metre butterfly heats saw an 11th place finish for Evie Cuthbert, she also finished in 20th place with her 200 metre freestyle heats swim with a 29th place for Ellie Brown in 2:30.87 in the same event. Jodie Finlay finished in 17th place with her 200 metre freestyle swim and in 15th spot for her 200 meter breaststroke heats swim.

In the girls 11-12 200 meter freestyle, Chloe Barron finished in 13th place with a 14th place finish for Aimee Bell. Aimee also finished in 11th place with her breaststroke heats with teammate Abigail Porteous going one better to finish in 10th place.

The boys 13 year olds 200 metre backstroke heats saw 11th place for Roan Murray, 18th place for Fraser Burgess and 19th place for Calum Evans. With a 14th place finish for Lewis Thomson and 28th place for Jamie Golder in the 14 year old category. Euan Edmiston also finished in 16th place in the 15 year old category, he also finished in 14th place in the boys 15 year olds 200 metre butterfly heats with a time of  2:15.62.

The boys 13 year olds 200 metre breaststroke swim saw a 17th place for Roan Murray in 3:18.68 and a 13th placing for Jamie Ferguson in 2:56.23, while the 200 meter freestyle saw a 20th place for Fraser Burgess in Boys 13 Year Olds category and a 9th place for Jamie Ferguson and 17th place for Lewis Thomson in boys 14 year olds 200 metre freestyle heats.

Tremendous swimming from everyone, all the hard work in training in certainly paying off.

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