Carnegie Mini Meet -November 2016 – Glenrothes

Saturday saw a hard day of competition for the swimmers from Midlothian swimming club, as youngsters were in action at the Carnegie Mini Meet which was held at the Michael Woods Centre, Glenrothes. Development coach Lesley Inglis was “over the moon at the youngsters performances” saying “they all conducted themselves extremely well and were a credit to the club” Her personal performance highlights came in the mixed relay races, with medals for all three relay teams.

In the boys 7-8 year old category, Max Turnbull won both the 25 mete freestyle and backstroke events, finishing 3rd place in the 25 meter butterfly and 7th in the 25 metre breaststroke events. Luke Whitehorn finished in third spot in the 25 meter butterfly swim, 5th in backstroke and 7th, 8th places with his butterfly and breaststroke swims. Kristopher Morris came 10th, and 11th in the butterfly and backstroke swims and finished 17th in the breaststroke.

Jack Sewell finished in 4th place with his 50 metre swims in the breaststroke and butterfly events also finishing in 6th and 8th places respectively with his backstroke and freestyle in the 9 year old boys group.
In the boys 10 year old category, Calum Murray finished in second place with his 100 metre backstroke also finishing in fifth place with both his  50 meter freestyle, and butterfly swims, and 12th in the 50 metre breaststroke. Finlay Davies achieved a fourth place with his 50 metre Butterfly, sixth in backstroke and an 11th place in breaststroke,18th place with his freestyle. Jonah Turnbull finished 6th in the 100 metre Backstroke, and 8th in the 50 metre Butterfly and 13th and 17th with his respective 50 metre breaststroke and freestyle swims. Lucius Armitage finished 18th, 19th and 20th with his butterfly,breaststroke and freestyle 50 metre events. William Mackinnon achieved 16th place in the 50 meter butterfly and 22nd places for both his breaststroke and freestyle swims.
Freddie Parker, in the boys 11 year old category finished in sixth place with his 50 meter butterfly, 100 meter backstroke, and breaststroke swims. While Murray Irving finishing in 9th place with his 100 meter backstroke and breaststroke events also finishing in 12th place with his 50 meter butterfly swim.

Layla Sensat finished in 7th, 8th 9th and 10th places with her 25 metre Butterfly,backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke swims in the girls 7-8 year old category. While teammate Jessica Smith finished in 11th, 14th and 15th places with her  freestyle, breaststroke and  backstroke swims. In the longer distance 50 meter swims Rowan Bell came second with her 50 meter butterfly swim and third in both the freestyle and backstroke swims and fifth place in the breaststroke events.

While the 9 Year Old girls category saw Charlotte Thomson winning the  50 metre Butterfly and coming second in both Breaststroke and Backstroke and third place in the freestyle event. Katy Barron finished in sixth place with her Backstroke, butterfly and freestyle swims and 9th place in the breaststroke. While Charlotte Durkie finished in 12th spot with her 50 meter breaststroke and backstroke swims also finishing in 14th place in the butterfly and freestyle events. Ellie MacArthur finished in 15th and 16th place with her butterfly and breaststroke swims also finishing in 19th, 21st place in the freestyle and backstroke events. Olivia Young also finished 29th and 30th with her freestyle and backstroke swims.


In the girls 10 year old category, Chloe Barron and Aimee Bell were on top form. The 50 meter swims saw a win for Chloe in backstroke and butterfly with Aimee winning breaststroke, and also finishing in third place in the backstroke and 4th and 8th places in the freestyle and butterfly. Chloe also achieved a, 3rd and 6th place with her freestyle and breaststroke swims. Hollie Milligan came 16th , 21st and 22nd with her butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle swims also finishing in 18th place with her 100 meter backstroke Teammate Isla Stokes achieved 11th place with her 50 meter butterfly swim and 7th 100 meter backstroke and 19th in the 100 meter breaststroke event.
In the longer distance events Chloe Barron won the 100 meter freestyle and finished in second place in the 100 metre backstroke and 200 individual medley events also making 8th place in the 100 meter breaststroke. Aimee Bell finished in second place with her 100 meter breaststroke swim, also finishing in 3rd place with her 100 metre backstroke and 200 individual medley swims and 4th in the 100 meter freestyle.

The Girls 11 year old event 50 meter events saw a win for Abigail Porteous in the 50 metre Breaststroke also finishing in 3rd and 4th places with her backstroke and freestyle swims. Emily Durkie finished in 2nd place in the backstroke, 8th in the breaststroke and 12th place with her freestyle swim. Caledonia Crosland also finished second in her breaststroke, 5th in backstroke and 10th freestyle 50 meter swims. The longer distance swims again saw a win for Abigail Porteous in the 100 breaststroke and a third placing in the 200 individual medley and 8th place in 100 meter freestyle. While Caledonia Crosland finished 4th 100 metre backstroke, 7th 100 meter freestyle and 9th in 200 individual medley. Emily Durkie also performed well at the distance events finishing 6th, 9th, 10th respectively in the 200 individual medley, 100 meter breaststroke and freestyle events.

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