Haddington 100s Meet – 18 September 2016

A large contingent of youngsters from Midlothian swimming club were in action at the Haddington 100s meet which was held at Mercat Gait Pool, Prestonpans on the 18th September 2016

In the 10 & Under category 100 metre backstroke event, Chloe Barron won gold with Aimee bell finishing in 2nd place. While Emily Durkie finished 6th in the same event, but in the 11 year old girls category. Olivia Muirhead and Cerys Pritchard finished 4th and 10th in the 12 year old category with a 5th placing for Jemma Gerstenberger in the 13 year old category. While Evie Cuthbert contented herself with 13th place in the 14 year old & over category.

The boys 100 metre backstroke event saw a 1st and 4th placing for Fraser Burgess and Muir Simpson respectively in the 11 year old category. While in the twelve year old category swim there was a large number of entrants from the club. So Roan Murray finished in 5th place with Calum Evans and Leo Marshall finished in 7th and 10th place, while Colin Doyle and Kyle Muirhead achieving 11th and 13th place finishes. In the same event in the boys 13 year old category Lewis Thomson finished in 3rd spot while Jamie Golder finished in 11th place. The boys 14 & over category saw a fast swim for Adam Wood who finished in 7th place with Euan Edmiston ending up in 11th place. While Josh Gardiner finished in 17th position with Adam Smith finished in 18th place

The girls 400 metre freestyle event saw a 3rd place for Ria Colbridge and 12th place for Evie Cuthbert. While in the boys 400 meter freestyle, Euan Edmiston finished in 4th place with Jamie Ferguson finishing in 5th and Adam Wood making 12th place.

Fraser Burgess was 2nd in the boys 11 year old 100 meter breaststroke event, with a 5th place for Muir Simpson. While in the boys 12 year old category of the same event, Jamie Ferguson finished in 2nd place with a fifth place for Roan Murray. Colin Doyle and Calum Evans finished 8th and 9th respectively. The 13 year old category saw a win for Lewis Thomson and a 7th place for Jamie Golder. While in the older 14 year old category Josh Gardiner finished 14th place with Adam Smith finishing just behind.

The girls 100 breaststroke swim in the 10 & unders saw a win for Aimee Bell. While Cerys Pritchard finished in 12th place in the 12 year old category, with a second place for Ria Colbridge in the 13 year old girls category. Also finishing just behind, was Jemma Gerstenberger in 3rd place and Charlotte Scott ended up in 13th place. Beth McFarlane stormed home in the girls 14 & over category, while Ellie Turnbull finished in 12th spot.

Chloe Barron was again on winning for in the 100 metre Fly for 10 & Under girls with a 5th placing for Aimee Bell. The same event for 11 year old girls saw Emily Durkie finish 9th, while Olivia Muirhead achieved a 3rd place in the 12 year old category. Ria Colbridge also finished 3rd in the 100 Fly for 13 year old girls, with a 5th placing for Jemma Gerstenberger and a 9th place for Charlotte Scott. In the 14 year old and overs Beth McFarlane finished in 3rd place, while Evie Cuthbert finished in 6th place.

Fraser Burgess won the same event, 100 metere fly, in the 11 year old boys category. While Jamie Ferguson, Roan Murray and Calum Evans finished well in 2nd, 3rd and 6th places respectively in the 12 year old swims. Lewis Thomson and Jamie Golder finished 5th and 9th places in the 13 year old category.While the boys 14 years and over swims saw a 2nd place for Matthias Rietvelt, a 6th place for Euan Edmiston. This left Adam Smith and Josh Gardiner to finish in 14th and 15th places respectively.

Fraser Burgess also won the boys 100 freestyle in the 11 year old swim with Muir Simpson finishing in 6th spot. The 12 year old category swim saw a 2nd place for Jamie Ferguson, and 8th, 9th place for Calum Evans and Roan Murray. Leaving Colin Doyle, Kyle Muirhead and Leo Marshall to finish 11th,13th and 14th places respectively. The 13 year old boys saw a 4th place for Lewis Thomson and 9th place for Jamie Golder. In the 14 year old and over category, Matthias Rietvelt finished 9th with and 11th place for Euan Edmiston. Leaving Adam Wood, Adam Smith and Josh Gardiner finishing in 14th,19th and 20th places respectively.

The girls 10 & under, 100 metre freestyle event saw a 2nd and 3rd place for Chloe Barron and Aimee Bell. The same event in the 11 year old girls category saw an 8th placing for Emily Durkie. Olivia Muirhead finished in 7th place in the 12 year old event with an 11th place for Cerys Pritchard and a 15th placing for Jessica Thomson. While Ria Colbridge achieved 4th place, with Jemma Gerstenberger, and Charlotte Scott finishing in 6th and 16th place respectively in the 13 year old category. Leaving Evie Cuthbert and Ellie Turnbull finishing in 13th and 19th place for the 14 & Over.

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