Lothian Leagues Round 3 – 18th June 2016

Midlothian swimmers were competing in the final round of the team event the Lothian Leagues competition which were held at Prestonpans on the 18th June. Development coach Lesley Inglis was delighted with the youngsters, saying “hard work during training sessions is improving their technique all the time” although there is a training break over the summer period she hopes “that these lessons have sunk in and further improvements will be made next season.”

In the Girls 8-9 year old category swim there was a second place for Charlotte Thomson in the 50 metre butterfly, she followed that up with a third in the 50 metre breaststroke. While teammate Charlotte Durkie finished in 11th place for that event. Rowan Bell achieved seventh spot in the 25 metre butterfly event. Ellie Macarthur should be proud of her 13th place in the 50 metre butterfly event which saw a massive reduction in her personal best time. The 50 metre backstroke race saw fifth place for Katy Barron and 13th position for Erin Ponton. Orla Maxwell achieved a tenth place with her 50 meter freestyle swim and Olivia Young finished just behind in 14th spot.

In the boys 8-9 category Calum Murray came second in the 50 metre backstroke and third in the 50 metre freestyle event, with teammate Finlay Davies finishing in fourth place in both his 50 metre butterfly and breastroke swims. While Jack Sewell achieved fifth place with his 25 metre butterfly performance.

In the girls 10-11 year old category it was a win for Chloe Barron in the Girls 10-11 200 metre freestyle event with a 12th place finish for Amy Sewell. The 100 metre individual medley saw a second place for Aimee Bell and sixth for Emily Durkie, who also finished in eighth place with her 50 metre breaststroke performance. The 50 metre butterfly event saw a fifth place finish for

Caledonia Crosland with teammate Mia Ponton finishing in 18th place. Abigail Porteous also finished in ninth place in the 50 metre backstroke event with Mia Ponton again finishing well in 14th place.

Fraser Burgess was second in the 50 metre breaststroke representing the boys 10-11 year old category. Also achieving a third place in the 50 metre backstroke event. Joanh Turnbull was ninth in the 100 metre individual medley and 13th in the 50 metre butterfly event, leaving Muir Simpson to take tenth spot with his 200 metre freestyle swim.

Olivia Muirhead achieved an eighth place finish for her 100 metre butterfly and ninth in her 200 metre freestyle event. While it was a 12th and 14th place respectively for Cerys Pritchard in her 100 metre breaststroke and backstroke swims all swimming in the girls 12-13year old category,

In the boys 12-13year old category, the 100 metre  butterfly event, saw Adam Smith finishing in fifth place, also finishing in seventh place for his 200 metre individual medley performance. Colin Doyle also achieved seventh place with his 100 metre breaststroke swim. While Adam Smith and Colin Doyle finished in 14th and 16th place respectively in the 50 metre freestyle event. Kyle Muirhead was eighth in the 200 metre freestyle while Leo Marshall finished in a respectable tenth place in the 100 metre backstroke event.

The relays saw a win for Midlothian A in the mixed 10-11 4×50 Metre Freestyle Relay in a time of 2:20.65. The girls 10-11 year old 4×50 Metre Freestyle Relay team also achieved a third place finish. While the girls 8-9 4×25 Metre Freestyle Relay  ‘A’ team had to make do with fifth place while the B team finished well in eleventh place.  The Midlothian ‘A’  boys 12-13year old 4×50 Metre Freestyle Relay team finished in 7th place in a time of 2:34.04.

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