Midlothian Swimming Club

Aquanauts – 15th Annual Graded Meet 25th June 2016

Midlothian swimmers were in action on Saturday 25th June, at the Aquanauts Annual Graded Meet at Xcite pool in – Bathgate. Aimee Bell won the girls 8-10 year old 200 metre breaststroke event with teammate Abigail Porteous finishing in third place in the older 11-12 year old category. Emily Durkie achieved eighth position, while Cerys Pritchard, finished in tenth position for in same event.

Jemma Gerstenberger was on blistering form to win the 200 metre breaststroke with sixth position for Ellie Turnbull in the 13-14 year age group. Abigail Porteous achieved an eleventh place with her 200 metre individual medley swim, while Lucy Levine finished in fourth place in the older 15 year old and over category, of the same event. Ellie Robertson also finished in third spot in the girls 13-14 year old 200 metre individual medley, with teammates Jemma Gerstenberger and Ellie Brown finishing in fourth and seventh position respectively. Cerys Pritchard finished in eighth position with her 200 meter backstroke swim.

Youngster Chloe Barron won gold in the  200 meter backstroke event  in her 8-10 year age group. While it was a third position for Aimee Bell in the 400 meter freestyle swim in the 8-10 year old category and a seventeenth placing for Emily Durkie in the 11-12 year old category at the same distance. Ellie Brown finished in 12th position and Lucy Levine finishing in third place in the older age categories.

In the boys 13-14 year old 400 metre freestyle swim saw Adam Smith finishing in and eleventh place. While Muir Simpson, achieved fifth place for his swim in the 11-12year old  200 metre backstroke. The girls 8 years & over 4×50 Metre Squadron Relay finished in third position in a thrilling race.

As the swimming season comes to a close Head coach Colin Barton stated, that all the team coaches are “pleased with the progress the youngsters are making. and hopes they return to full training with enthusiasm”