InCAS Distance Meet – Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May 2016

Midlothian swimmers were again action this weekend at the Incas distance meet which was held at Carnegie Leisure Centre, Dunfermline. Head coach Colin Barton said, “this meet included all the longer distance events and the swimmers reaped the rewards for all the endurance work they have put in since the start of the season” also saying ” I was very happy with the youngsters results.”

Ria Colbridge was on winning form in the girls 11-12 year old, 800 metre freestyle event, which also saw, Jemma Gerstenberger finishing in eighth place. It was also a strong showing in the same event in the older girls category, with a decisive win for Eilidh Redpath with a time of 9:36.85. Jodie Finlay finishing in second place with Sam Paterson and Ellie Brown, Izzy Drysdale all swimming well, finishing in fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively. It was also a first and second place for Fraser Wilson and Lewis Thomson in same event for the boys 13-14 year olds.

In the 200 metre breaststroke event, Roan Murray finished in tenth place in the 8-10 year old category with another win for Fraser Wilson in the 13-14 year old category.  Euan Edmiston also finished in seventh place with a thirteenth spot being claimed by Jamie Golder in the same age category.

The girls 11-12 year old, 200 metre individual medley saw lots of swims for Midlothian swimming club, with the best being a tenth spot for Jemma Gerstenberger. Although, Olivia Muirhead, Abigail Porteous, Caledonia Crosland, and Cerys Pritchard, also finished the race in 13th, 17th, 22nd and 23rd respectively.  In the older 13-14 year old category, Eilidh Redpath was again on winning form with  her swim, while Evie Cuthbert finished in third place with Ellie Brown achieving seventh place.

Jodie Finlay won the girls 13-14 year old 200 metre butterfly event in a time of  2:41.27 with Evie Cuthbert finishing in second place with a time of 2:52.54

While in the boys 11-12 year old 1500 metre freestyle event, Jamie Ferguson finished in second place with Calum Evans finishing in sixth place. The older boys race saw Fraser Wilson finishing first with a third place for Euan Edmiston and a fourth placing for Lewis Thomson.

Ria Colbridge was second in the girls 11-12 year olds 200 metre breaststroke with a fourth place for  Jemma Gerstenberger and 17th place for Abigail Porteous and 22nd for Cerys Pritchard. In the same event for 13-14 year old category, saw Eilidh Redpath win again, with a fourth, fifth and seventh place for Sam Paterson, Jodie Finlay and Izzy Drysdale. Eilidh Redpath also won the girls 13-14 year old 400 metre individual medley in a time of  5:07.71

Fraser Burgess achieved ninth place in the boys 11-12 year old, 200 metre individual medley event with a 12th and 15th place for teammates Roan Murray and Kyle Muirhead. While in the Boys 13-14 year 200 metre individual medley event ,Lewis Thomson finished in fifth place with a ninth place finish for Adam Smith.

Ria Colbridge won gold, in the girls 11-12 year old 400 metre freestyle event, with teamates, Olivia Muirhead, Cerys Pritchard finishing in seventeenth and twentieth place. Also Eilidh Redpath won gold again with her 400 meter swim, with a fourth place for Jodie Finlay and an eight, ninth and tenth place for Evie Cuthbert, Ellie Brown and Sam Paterson.

While it was seventh place success for Olivia Muirhead in the girls 11-12 year old 200 metre backstroke event, with Caledonia Crosland finishing in fifteenth spot. In the older girls 13-14 year old category, Sam Paterson achieved a fifth place for her swim with sixth, seventh and eighth spots being claimed by Evie Cuthbert, Ellie Brown and Eilidh Maguire.

There were lots of swims in the boys 11-12 200 metre freestyle event, which saw a third place for Jamie Ferguson, an eleventh placing for Fraser Burgess. While Calum Evans achieved fifteenth place with 17th and 18th place for Roan Murray and Kyle Muirhead.  In the older 13-14 year old event, Fraser Wilson won, with a fourth place going to Euan Edmiston. While Adam Smith achieved ninth place and a tenth place finish for Jamie Golder.

In the boys 11-12 year old 400 metre freestyle, Jamie Ferguson finished in silver medal position with an eighth place for Fraser Burgess. Calum Evans also finished in 13th position with Roan Murray finishing just behind. In the boys 13-14year old 400 category it was another gold for Fraser Wilson with a fifth place going to Euan Edmiston and an eighth place for Adam Smith and ninth place for Jamie Golder.

Jamie Ferguson won the boys 11-12 year old 200 metre backstroke with and eleventh place finish for Fraser Burgess. Fraser Wilson was again out front in the boys 13-14year old 200 metre backstroke winning gold with Euan Edmiston finishing in seventh place.

The girls 11-12 year old 200 metre freestyle event saw second place for Ria Colbridge and a 15th placing for Olivia Muirhead. While Cerys Pritchard finished in 17th position with Caledonia Crosland finishing just behind, with 20th place being claimed by Jessica Thomson.

In the final race of the weekend, it was a gold medal for Eilidh Redpath in the girls 13-14 year old 200 metre freestyle event with Jodie Finlay finishing in third place, plus a fourth place finish for Evie Cuthbert. While fifth place was claimed by Ellie Brown with a tenth place finish for Eilidh Maguire.

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