Midlothian Swimming Club

C.O.A.S.T. Long Course Competition – 30th April – 1st May 2016

Recently a  small team of ten swimmers headed north to compete at the C.O.A.S.T Long Course competition, held at the 50 meter  pool at the Aquatics Centre, in Aberdeen.

Head coach Colin Barton praised the youngsters, saying “that despite it being a new challenge for some, traveling away from home and competing against swimmers from another swimming district. I was extremely pleased with how they coped. ”

Katie Golder finished in second place with her 16years and over 200 metre backstroke and individual medlay events. Also finishing in fifth place in the 100 metre butterfly final and sixth place in the 50 metre backstroke final.

Fraser Wilson won the boys 11-13year old,  50 metre butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, 100 metre backstroke, butterfly, freestyle,  200 metre freestyle, backstroke and butterfly as well as the 400 metre freestyle events.

While Eilidh Redpath won the girls 11-13year old, 50 metre butterfly, 100 metre freestyle, breaststroke, 200 metre breaststroke and 400 metre freestyle swims. She was also second position in the 50 metre freestyle, 200 metre freestyle events and third in the 100 metre butterfly final whilst finishing sixth in the 200 metre butterfly event.

Jamie Ferguson was third in the 200 metre backstroke, and fifth in the boys 11-13year old 100 metre backstroke final. Also finishing ninth in the 200 metre butterfly, and tenth position in the final of the 50 metre backstroke. Making do with thirteenth place in both the 50 metre freestyle and 400 metre freestyle events, and  fifteenth place in the 200 metre freestyle.

In the girls 11-13year old 100 metre butterfly event, Ellie Brown was 33rd and finished 31st with her 100 metre backstroke swim. Ria Colbridge finished in 14th position with her 50 metre breaststroke and 200 metre breaststroke swims. Also achieving 17th place with her 100 metre breaststroke and joint 24th  place with her 50 metre butterfly swims.

Izzy Drysdale also did well to achieved 31st place for her 50 meter breaststroke and 40th place with her 100 metre breaststroke events in the girls 14-15 year old category.
Evie Cuthbert also swam well in 20th position overall in the same age category, with her 100 metre butterfly swim and 26th placing for her 200 metre backstroke. Sam Paterson was 28th in her 100 metre butterfly swim and 50th in the 50 metre backstroke event.

Euan Edmiston was 24th in the boys 14-15year old 100 metre butterfly, 30th place in the 50 metre backstroke, 33rd 100 metre freestyle, 35th place in the 100 metre breaststroke.

The mixed 11-14year old 200 Meter Medley Relay team saw a fourth spot for Midlothian  ‘A’     team consisting of Fraser Wilson, Ria Colbridge, Eilidh Redpath and Euan Edmiston, the same team achieved another fourth position in the mixed 4 x 50 metre freestyle relay