Midlothian Swimming Club

Midlothian Spring Meet -9th -10th April 2016

Midlothian swimming clubs own Spring meet was held at Xcite pool in Bathgate on 9th and 10th April. Head coach Colin Barton, was thrilled with the combined swim performances of the youngsters, resulting in them picking up the top team shield in the points competition by winning 42 out of 55 possible gold medals. He was “especially proud of our younger swimmers performances.” He also praised “the more experienced swimmers who coped well following the highs of the Scottish National age group Championships the previous week.”

The two day competition is a crucial fundraising event for club funds, with entries from swimming clubs from across Scotland in attendance. The next club fundraising swim event is the Midlothian Minnows Meet held on the 21st May at Prestonpans pool .

In the 10-12 year old boys category Jamie Ferguson came second in 100 Metre breaststroke and freestyle events, 200 Metre Breaststroke, and freestyle events going for gold in the 200 metre backstroke, 200 butterfly and 100 metre butterfly, 100 backstroke events. While Fraser Burgess achieved second place with his 100 Metre Butterfly swim. The 100 Metre Individual Medley swim saw a fourth place for Calum Evans.

While it was one , two three for Lewis Thomson, Euan Edmiston, and Nick Rietvelt in theBoys 13-14yr old 100 Metre Breaststroke swim. Fraser Wilson won the 200 Metre Backstroke with Nick Rietvelt finishing in second place. Fraser also won the 400 Metre Individual Medley, 100 Metre Freestyle, backstroke, 200 Metre Freestyle and Butterfly events.  Euan Edmiston finished in second place in the 100 meter backstroke and 200 Metre Butterfly and came third in 200 meter freestyle.

While in the 100 Metre Individual Medley Adam Wood made second place with his swim.
In the Boys 15 & Over category, Iain Doyle won the 200 Metre Breaststroke,100 Metre Butterfly, 100 Metre Breaststroke coming second in the 200 Metre Backstroke, 200 Metre Freestyle and 100 Metre Freestyle and 100 Metre Backstroke events.

In the girls 10-12yr old  category, the 100 Metre Butterfly event saw Ellie Robertson win gold with Jemma Gerstenberger coming in fifth place. While it was first and second place in the 100 Metre Backstroke event with Ellie Robertson just beating Jemma Gerstenberger who also finished fourth in the 200 meter breaststroke and second in the 100 Metre Breaststroke events. Ellie Robertson also did the honours in the 200 Metre Butterfly and 100 meter freestyle events. While Ria Colbridge won the 100 Metre Individual Medley,100 and 200 Metre Breaststroke also placing in second place in the 100 and 200 Metre freestyle events, with Ellie Robertson finishing third. The 200 Metre Backstroke swim saw Ria Colbridge finishing in silver with Ellie Robertson finishing in bronze. Ria Colbridge also achieved fourth place in the Girls 400 Metre Freestyle.

In the 13-14 yr old girls category, the 100 Metre Butterfly event saw Eilidh Redpath win with Jodie Finlay in second spot and Evie Cuthbert in fifth place. The 100 Metre Individual Medley event, saw Jodie Finlay taking top spot with Sam Paterson finishing in fourth place. Eilidh Redpath dominated the competition to win the 100, 200 Metre Freestyle , and 100, 200 meter Breaststroke events and 400 Metre Individual Medley events, 200 Metre Butterfly events also winning the Girls 400 Metre Freestyle with Jodie Finlay making do with third place. It was a one, two, three in the 100 Metre Backstroke with Jodie Finlay, Sam Paterson and Ellie Brown finishing in that order. It was also a clean sweep in the 200 Metre Backstroke with Jodie Finlay, Sam Paterson, Ellie Brown and Evie Cuthbert taking the first four places. Jodie also finished in silver medal position in the 400 Metre Individual Medley and 200 Metre Butterfly and 100 meter freestyle races.

Katie Golder won 100 meter butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle events plus the 200 meter breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly events in the 15 yr old girls category with teammate Lucy Levine finishing in third place in 100 Metre Freestyle and second place with her 100 and 200 m backstroke swims.

There were a number of other great swims which due we are unable to mention, but all swimmers should be proud of their achievements which also managed to raise valuable funds around £650 for the club.