Midlothian Swimming Club



Accredited Meet

A competition with a full complement of officials and where all rules are strictly applied.

Consideration Time

A time set by the organiser that swimmers must be faster than in order to enter.


The most common reasons why a swimmer is disqualified are that a swimmer has not touched the wall properly when turning or has not used the proper stroke technique.


A Drill is an exercise/practice designed to strengthen or enhance some part of a stroke.

Graded Meet

Weaker swimmers are given an opportunity to swim through graded meets. A swimmer’s entry time at a graded meet must be slower than the cut off time for the event.

Heat Declared Winner

There is no final and the winner of the event is determined by heat times alone.

Individual Medley or IM

Comprising all 4 strokes in the order – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke & frontcrawl.

Long Course

Any competition held in a 50m pool.

Marshalling Area

The area where the swimmers congregate ahead of their race.

Over the Top Starts

This means that swimmers remain in the water until the next heat has started.


An abbreviation of Personal Best, the best time a swimmer has achieved for an event. Swimmers should know their PBs for each event so that they can follow their improvements.


Scottish Amateur Swimming Association, the governing body of swimming in Scotland.

Short Course

Any competition held in a 25m pool.

Speeding Ticket

Awarded to swimmers at graded meets who swim faster than the cut off time. These swimmers will not get a medal, so a swimmer can be awarded 1st place even though another swam faster.

Start Sheets

Issued to coaches prior to the meet starting, detailing the swimmers in each heat or final.

Swim Down

An easy swim at the end of a session or swim designed to relax the muscles, slow the heart rate and respiration and help to work off any toxins built up during the session.

Warm Up

A swim at the start of a session which is designed to warm up the muscles, raise the pulse and prepare the body for training or competition.