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Fraser Wilson has qualified for Scottish Youth Development Squad

********WELL DONE FRASER*******

Following a very successful season, Fraser Wilson was selected for this year’s Scottish Swimming youth development squad.  His consistent results meant he qualified for inclusion into this National development squad for the first time. Fraser was “really excited” by his selection, inspiring him to ” put one hundred percent into training so that I can improve my personal best times and compete against the best in the country.”

Scottish Swimming has different performance squads, the Senior Gold squad consists of Scotland’s top competitive swimmers – the athletes who have won or are likely to win medals at competitions such as the Commonwealth Games. Other squads include Senior Silver and Senior Bronze Squads, the Youth Squad and the Youth Development Squad with the District Regional Programme completing the structure.

Last weekend Fraser attended the first of two, weekend training camps at the National swim Centre in Stirling. He completed 8 hours of swim training in addition to land training and education sessions. Along with a total of forty-four swimmers from twenty-one swimming clubs, he learned from the first hand experience of double Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, Caitlin McClatchey. She took to twitter afterwards to say how much she ” Enjoyed chatting to the Youth Development Squad “

Fraser Wilson admitted that “as soon as I got the letter for this squad I was looking to see what I had to do to get to the next level up. My next competition target is to retain being the East District Champion.”

Not letting the selection go to his head, the youngster thanked his coaches, Colin Barton and Gilbert  Kirkwood, and Scottish Swimming for their investment of time, but said he ” couldn’t do this without the support of my parents.” 

Later this year, on Boxing Day, Fraser will attend a further four day training camp, and his performances will be monitored during several competitions this year. He will then have the opportunity to be selected to represent Scotland at youth level at an overseas competition early in the new year. He is hoping that “all my hard training and dedication is beginning to pay off, I’m hoping to  improve my personal best times, work on my training and mindset ,so that I can be selected”

Fraser found working with the other swimmers, “very motivating and good to meet the swimmers in a totally different environment.” Fraser said the experience ” was brilliant , I learn’t a lot over the weekend.