Forres 2 day meet 2015

A group of 25 swimmers travelled north to Forres to compete in the Forres Bluefin’s 2 day meet over the weekend of 13th – 15th March 2015.

After settling into our accommodation, we descended on Jimmy Chung’s restaurant in Inverness for our Friday evening meal where a copious amount of food was devoured.

This set us up for the first session the following morning with the 100m breaststroke for 13 & 14 year old as the first events. Matt Rietvelt produced a good PB to claim the gold and there were notable PBs for Sam Paterson & Amber Roe.

Our youngest swimmer, Andrea Suarez then produced a great 50 freestyle to reduce her time by over 3 seconds.

Jamie Ferguson, Fraser Wilson & Eilidh Redpath all won Gold in the 100m backstroke with Jodie Finlay winning silver and Ria Colbridge bronze. There were also huge PB s for Euan Edmiston and Jamie Golder in this event.

In the oldest age category, Beth McFarlane won Gold, Katie Golder silver & Ross Muego bronze in their 100 butterfly events in which Eilidh Edmiston, Jenny Timoney and Vaila Robertson also had excellent swims.

Matt won his second Gold of the meet and Sam picked up silver in the 100 IM before Andrea recorded another good PB in the 50 backstroke.

Our swimmers collected 4 golds in the 100 breaststroke in the younger age groups which were won by Jamie, Fraser, Jodie Finlay and Ria. Massive improvements were recorded by Jamie Golder, Toni Jenkinson, Ellie Brown and Evie Cuthbert in this event.

Laura Halliday also sliced several seconds from her 100 butterfly time to win bronze and Matt won gold medal number 3 in the same event.

In the 100 freestyle events for our older swimmers, we collected Gold (Katie), silver (Ross) & bronze (Beth) whilst Thomas Rietvelt had a great swim slicing over 2 seconds from his time.

This led us into the first of the relay events, the 4 x 50 medley where Midlothian produced a clean sweep winning all 4 events.

 These swims brought day one to an end and a tired but happy group made their way back to Inverness. Energy levels were boosted by eating masses of pizza and cake brought along to celebrate Katie and Vaila’s birthdays.

 We arrived at the pool early on the Sunday morning eager to add to the previous day’s points total in the race for the top club award and we got off to a great start. In the first event, the 100 IM, Eilidh Redpath won gold, Ria and Jodie won silver and Evie; Ellie & Toni significantly improved their times.

This was followed by a 5 second PB for Andrea in the 50m Breaststroke narrowly missing a medal with a 4th place finish.

Katie then won Gold and Ross bronze in the older backstroke event before Matt won his fourth event, the 100 freestyle. Sam and Laura recorded great PBs in the corresponding girl’s event.

The 100 butterfly was a good event for our swimmers, with Gold medals for Jamie, Fraser and Eilidh Redpath and silver for Ria and Jodie. In the same event there were huge PBs for Ellie and Toni.

Andrea set another personal best, as did Jamie Golder and Euan in the 100 IM, whilst there were Golds for Jamie Ferguson and Fraser.

Beth picked up Gold in the 100 breaststroke, with Ross and Katie taking bronze.

Andrea finished off session 3 with an excellent time in her 50m butterfly event.

 The final session got off to a slightly disappointing start when Matt missed out on a clean sweep of Gold medals when he was disqualified in the 100m backstroke after recording the fastest time. In this event, Sam won silver with a good swim and Amber and Izzy produced good personal bests.

Fraser and Jamie Ferguson completed their 5 out of 5 golds in the 100 freestyle with Eilidh Redpath also winning. Ria won silver and Jodie Bronze in the same event.

In the final individual event, Katie won Gold, and there were bronze medals for Beth and Ross in the 100 IM and good personal best swims for Thomas and Iain Doyle.

The only remaining events were the freestyle relays, with Midlothian looking to add to their 4 wins in the previous day’s medley relays. This was almost achieved when we won 3 out of the 4 and finished second in the other. The winning teams were the boys and girls 12 years and under and the boys 13 years and over.

When the overall points totals for the top club was announced, Midlothian came out on top to retain the trophy we had won in the previous 2 years.

 The minibuses were filled with much singing, giggling and chat on the long road back home which brought to an end a very successful and enjoyable weekend.


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