Midlothian Swimming Club

Warrender Junior Age Group meet

This meet was held on 22nd & 23rd March and involved the younger swimmers from Silver and Bronze squads. Saturdays events were devoted to the 9 & 10 years olds with the Sunday swims featuring the 11 & 12 year olds.
The first event Midlothian swimmers were involved in was the 200m Freestyle. All 5 of our swimmers were swimming this event for the first time and they all swam really well with Jamie Ferguson just missing out on gold by only 0.3 seconds however he did win silver. Zak Stewart, Alex Biavti – Smith, Ria Colbridge and Ellie Robertson also swam in this event.

In the next event the 50m breaststroke, Jamie and Zak finished first and second and the other previously mentioned swimmers again recorded PBs.
In the 50m freestyle Ria won with a 6th place medal and Jamie claimed his second silver.

The afternoon session started with the 100m IM and again our 5 swimmers swam personal bests with Jamie winning Gold and Zak finishing 4th.
In the 50m backstroke there were PBs for Ellie, Jamie, Zak and Alex with Jamie finishing this event in 4th place.
Ellie, Jamie and Zak again hit PBs in the butterfly with Jamie and Zak finishing 2nd and 4th.
The points gathered by Jamie resulted in a second place finish in the top boy category and brought day 1 to a good end.

Day 2 started with the 200m IM and saw good personal best swims from Eilidh Redpath who finished 5th, Cara Denholm, Ellie Brown, Ellie Turnbull, Toni Jenkinson, Lewis Thomson, Euan Edmiston and Fraser Wilson who won Gold.
Charlotte Ritchie, Izzy Drysdale and Sam Paterson all recorded best swims in the 200m freestyle.
Eilidh Redpath won her first medal, a bronze and Fraser won his second Gold in the 50m backstroke in personal best times and there were also best swims from Jodie Finlay, Evie Cuthbert, Ellie Brown, Toni, Eilidh Maguire and Euan.
All 3 of the older girls, Sam, Izzy and Charlotte matched this with good swims in the 50m breaststroke.
In the butterfly Eilidh Redpath and Fraser both won their respective events by a clear margin. In this event there were also good PBs for Eve Thomson, Jodie, Ellie Brown, Eilidh Maguire, Toni, Lewis and Euan.
Izzy, Sam and Charlotte again all recorded PBs in their freestyle which brought session 3 to an end.
The final session got of to a great start with fantastic swims from a Eve and Fraser winning Gold in the 200m freestyle. Almost all the other Midlothian swimmers involved in this event recorded huge PBs as did Izzy and Charlotte in the 200m IM.
The 50m breaststroke proved to be a good event for Midlothian swimmers. Fraser won yet another Gold, Lewis won Bronze, Eilidh Redpath finished 4th and Euan 5th. Added to this there were PBs for Eve, Jodie, Ellie Brown, Eilidh Maguire & Toni.
Izzy and Charlotte hit PBs in their 50m backstroke event.
The 50m freestyle was another good event, Fraser won his 6th gold and only 0.01 separated Eilidh Redpath and Eve as they finished first and second respectfully.

When the points were tallied at the end of the day, Midlothian finished as the 3rd top club, Fraser won the top boy award and Eilidh missed the top girls award by only one point but finished second.