Portobello Mad March Meet

This year’s mad march meet was held rather bizarrely on the 2nd & 3rd April at Prestonpans. The club was represented by swimmers from all 4 competitive squads throughout the 2 days and all performed extremely well.

In the very first event, 25m breaststroke for 8 year old boy, Lewis Thomson narrowly missed out on a medal when he finished 4th.

In the 9 years 50m freestyle both Lewis Muego and Natalie Ramsay recorded excellent PBs with Natalie claiming the Gold medal.

Both Anna MacKay and Logan Wright sliced around 2 seconds from their time in the 10 years 50m backstroke and in the 50m butterfly for 11 year olds, Lewis Barrow, Ian Doyle, Bryony Eunson and Megan Bain all recorded huge PBs with Bryony claiming our second medal, this time a bronze.

Cara Denholm managed an 11 second PB in the 8 years 50m freestyle and Euan Edminston, Lewis Thomson and Fraser Wilson recorded more modest PBs in the corresponding boy’s event.

In the 9 years breaststroke, Natalie Ramsay collected silver, whilst Bryony Eunson finished a close 4th in the 50m backstroke. Also in this event there were excellent PBs for Iain Doyle, Lewis Barrow, Jenny Timoney, Megan Bain and Amy Dinse.

In the 10/11 years medley relays our boys’ team of Logan Wright, Iain Doyle, Andrew Denholm and Lewis Barrow swam really well to win the Gold medal. The girl’s team of Megan Bain, Jenny Timoney, Beth McFarlane and Amy Dinse also swam well but were just pushed into the silver medal position.

In the 100m IM, both Lewis Muego and Natalie Ramsay sliced large amounts from their time with Natalie winning her second Gold.

The final event of this session saw Andrew Denholm winning Bronze in the 200m freestyle.

The first event of session 2 mirrored this result, this time Beth McFarlane winning bronze in the corresponding older girl’s event.

In the 25m backstroke Fraser Wilson finished a close 4th and there were PBs from Euan Edminston and Lewis Thomson.

Natalie Ramsay collected her third Gold of the day in the 50m butterfly and Bryony Eunson, Megan Bain and Jenny Timoney recorded good PBs in the 50m freestyle.

Our trio of boys in the 25m butterfly, Lewis Thomson, Euan Edminston and Fraser Wilson all recorded good PBs with Euan just being squeezed out the medals in 4th.

It was Gold again for Natalie Ramsay in the 50m backstroke and in the 50m freestyle, Andrew Denholm finished 4th.

Both Rosie Hermiston and Bryony Eunson sliced around 3 seconds from their 50m breaststroke times with Bryony winning silver in the process.

The same 4 boys who had won Gold in the medley relay combined to pick up bronze in the freestyle relay, whilst the girls team of Bryony Eunson, Rosie Hermiston, Anna MacKay and Beth McFarlane won Gold in convincing style.

After collecting her medal for the relay, Beth was straight back in action in the 200m IM where which she won comfortably in a great personal best time.

When the dust had settled on day 1, Natalie Ramsay’s haul of 4 gold and 1 silver meant that she was deservedly awarded the top, 9 years girl award, for her efforts.

Day 2 started as day 1 had finished with one of the Ramsay sisters on top of the podium, this time, it was Hebe’s turn winning the 400m freestyle. Also in this event there were good PBs for Caitlin Wright, Sarah Eunson, Amy Sylvester and Ross Muego.

In the 200m IM Fiona Inglis claimed silver with a very good swim, Prentice Robertson finished 4th and his younger sister Vaila sliced an impressive 19 seconds from her time.

Hebe Ramsay continued her good form in the 200m freestyle, again winning gold and in the corresponding boy’s event Prentice Robertson and Ross Muego both won bronze. This event also saw Amy Sylvester, Elidh Edminston and Caitlin Wright swimming excellent PBs.

Amy then combined with Hebe, Sarah Eunson and Nikki Pettitt in the freestyle relay where they won bronze.

In the final session, In the boys 400m freestyle, Ross Muego chopped a very impressive 28 seconds from his best.

Fiona Inglis improved her 50m freestyle time in winning gold, matched by Nathan Avinou who in the process of winning the 13 years boys event, dipped under 30 seconds for the first time. Mark Churcher and Sarah Eunson both recorded good PBs in this event.

Mark followed this up with a great swim in his 200m breaststroke, finishing 4th. Elidh Edminston went one better in winning the bronze and Prentice Robertson surpassed both with a good swim to win silver. They were joined in this event by Amy Sylvester and Nikki Pettitt with all 5 recording PBs.

In the final individual event, the 200m backstroke, Hebe Ramsay won silver, Sarah Eunson bronze, both girls recorded PBs as did Lauren Sutherland, Caitlin Wright and Ross Muego.

The meet finished on another high note when the same girls who had won bronze in the morning session then matched this in the medley relay finishing 3rd again.

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