Bronze Squad – Portobello Mad March Meet 20th March 2010

Bronze Squad participated in the Portobello Mad March Meet 20th March 2010 Venue: Prestonpans

This was a meet that was oversubscribed, packed with so many swimmers there were not enough seating area for all the clubs present. This made it very difficult for swimmers to relax before swims.

Unfortunately we have a few call offs due to injury and illness

However, the meet started with the warm up and it was like pea soup at the start as there were so many swimmers in the water
As the electronic timing was not working at the start of the meet it was a very slow to begin with however, all the swimmers were geared up and ready to go and were anxious to know when their swims were.

The first race for Midlothian was the 9yrs boys’ freestyle with Andrew Denholm physically taken the plunge(not a dive as we expected and what we have been concentrating on for weeks) . However he made up for it in the swim firstly being announced as being first however we knew this was incorrect the time keepers time was incorrect and when the judges placing was finally checked out was amended and he finally came in 3rd place with a 4 second PB and picking up a bronze medal.

The 9yrs freestyle followed with Anna also producing a 3 second PB.

Followed by 10years backstroke Morgan producing a 2½ second PB, Jenny 2 second PB and Beth just outside her best time.

The 11years butterfly was next Hebe 3 second PB finishing 7th and Lauren just outside her best time.

Now it was back to the 9yrs Breast stroke with Anna taken a 2 second PB unfortunately she was DQ. And Andrew producing a 4 second PB and picking up a bronze medal

10yrs Butterfly Morgan producing a 5½second PB, Megan 2 second PBand Beth & Jenny just a margin outside their time.

11years Back stroke Lauren- ½second PB, and Hebe- 1 second PB

The next event was the IM relay and we had 2 teams in for this event with several swimmers coming to the meet for the relay which was great to see their enthusiasm.
Hebe, Eilidh, Beth & Lauren made up one team with Megan, Vaila, Morgan & Caitlin the other good swims by all.
The last event of the morning was the 8/9yrs IM with Anna swimming well but outside PB and Andrew taken 3 seconds PB and placed 2nd and picking up silver medal.
The morning session went well although it was a long morning and the swimmers were still in good spirit considering the cramped space.

After lunch the meet started with the 200m Freestyle with Hebe producing nearly a 8 second PB.
Next was the 9yrs Butterfly with Anna producing a 1½second PB and Andrew a 5 second PB and placed 2nd and a Silver medal.

The 10yrs breast stroke followed and Beth 2 second PB placed 3rd and picking up a bronze medal, megan a marginal PB and Jenny just outside her best timealso morgan.

The 11years Freestyle Lauren had a good swim and matched her entry time.

The 9years back stroke Anna produced a 2 second PB and Andrew a 5 second PB and placed 2nd and another Silver medal.

The 10year freestyle Beth produced a 1 second PB.

Then there was the 11years Breast Stroke Lauren with a marginal PB and Hebe produced a 2 second PB.

The Freestyle relays followed again with 2 teams taking part and swimming really well.

The final event was the 200m IM with Lauren producing a 2 second PB and Hebe a 9 second PB and placed 3rd picking up a bronze medal.

That was the end of the events and it did not end there as Andrew Denholm picked up the trophy for the best 9years boy at the meet so well done Andrew.

Also well done to all the swimmers who took part you are a credit to the club and I am sure that even as it was a long day that everyone enjoyed the meet.

Irene Skeldon
Bronze Squad Coach

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