Midlothian Swimming Club

Livingston District Dolphins Meet – May 2009

This meet was held at Prestonpans on 9th/10th May 2009 and a fairly large team comprising Gold, Silver and Bronze squad swimmers took part.

The weekend was a huge success resulting in Midlothian winning the Dolphin Trophy for the 7th time in 10 years. There were many excellent individual performances which were too numerous to mention, however the medal winners are listed below:

Despite having 2 swims in very quick succession, 2 of our 11 year old girls, Beth Denholm and Kimberley MacKay excelled in the 200m IM with Beth smashing the time limit and Kimberley claiming Gold. both with huge personal bests. In the corresponding 14 and 15 years girl’s event, Amy Flynn and Lindsay Sinclair also won Gold in very good PB times.

In the 200m freestyle there was gold for David Graham and silver for Callum Archibald, Jack Bissett and Leigh Stadnik in their respective age groups.

In the youngest age group Beth McFarlane won Gold and Lauren Sutherland Silver in the 50m butterfly. In the 11/12 age group, Beth Denholm and Kimberley MacKay both broke the time limit and Hebe Ramsay claimed Bronze.

In the final individual event of the morning session, Sarah Eunson finished 2nd in the 50m backstroke and this was followed by silver for the girls under 12 years Medley relay team.

In the Saturday afternoon session the medals and PBs continued at a great pace. In the boys 200m IM events, there were Gold medals for Michael Flynn, Robbie Dalgetty and Chris Kerr and silver for Jack Bissett and David Graham.

In the girls 50m freestyle Lauren Sutherland claimed her second individual silver medal.

Beth McFarlane won the 10 years girls 50m breaststroke and the girls 12 years freestyle relay team finished 3rd.

The 3rd session started with the 400m freestyle with Lindsay Sinclair winning gold in her age group. This was followed by Gold and Silver for Jo Pettitt and Jenny Jubb in the 200m butterfly.

The 200m backstroke proved to be a good event for our swimmers with Gold for Michael Flynn, Robbie Dalgetty and Chris Kerr, Silver for Leigh Stadnik and bronze for Callum Archibald and Euan Waugh.

In the 200m breaststroke, Lisa Fraser won Gold and Cheryl MacLaren silver.

This brought us to the Medley relays for 13 – 16 year olds and both our boys and girls teams won their respective events.

The final session started with the boys 400m freestyle which saw both Michael Flynn and Thomas Dryden break the time limit and Euan Waugh winning silver.

In the 200m butterfly, Thomas Dryden and Robbie Dalgetty won silver and Callum Archibald bronze.

The next event, the 200m backstroke for girls, resulted in Gold medals for Olivia McGinley and Lindsay Sinclair, Silver for Erin Murray and bronze for Amy Flynn.

In the final individual event of the meet, Jack Bissett claimed Gold, with Euan Waugh and Michael Flynn winning silver in the 200m breaststroke.

The final swims of the meet were in the freestyle relays which saw the boy’s team win Silver.

All that remained was for the organisers to announce the winner of the top club award and there was a lot of cheering from swimmers and parents when it was revealed that Midlothian had came out top by a huge margin. All the swimmers remaining on the poolside then accepted the magnificent Dolphin trophy on behalf of the club.

This was a hugely successful meet for our swimmers and in addition to the medal winners mentioned, many, many more reached finals, finished in points scoring positions and established new personal bests, some by huge margins.

Well done to all who participated.