Warrender Meet Report – March 09

This meet took place at Glenrothes over two days with the 9 & 10years swimming on the Saturday and the 11 & 12Years on the Sunday.

This was a great meet and a challenge to a lot of the swimmers as there were many clubs competing and not knowing what to expect. After having such a great success at the Lothian Region Leagues only the month before it was hard what to predict the results at this meet.

With the clocks changing on the Sunday and the early start there were a few bleary eyed swimmers over the two days however, they did not let us down. They were all in good spirits and a credit to the club.

There was a total of 94 swims with 89 P.B.’s being produced over the two days and 13 of these were in double figures. There was 1 swim that almost matched the swimmers time and 4 swims that were just a margin outside.

11 Medals were picked up on the day = 1-Gold Medal, 1,- Silver Medal, 4- Bronze Medal, 1- 4th Place Medal,1 – 5th Place Medal, 3-6th Place Medal.

Leon Wadee PB on 50m Fly, Breast, Back & F/C

Beth Mc Farlane, a huge PB on 50m Fly (14 secs) picking up Bronze Medal, PB on Breast – Gold Medal, PB on Back & F/C and finally100m-IM picking up another Bronze Medal.

Anna MacKay- PB on 50m Breast, Back & F/C and swimming 50m fly for the first time.

Vaila Robertson- A great PB on 50m Fly of 10 seconds followed by PB’s on Breast, Back and F/C

Lauren Sutherland- PB on 50m Fly, Breast, Back, F/C, 100m IM= 10½ seconds and a huge PB of 22½ on 200m Front Crawl.

Kimberley MacKay- PB on 50m Fly, Breast, Back equalling time on F/C and an amazing 30 second PB on 200m F/C.

Hebe Ramsay– PB on 50m Fly, Breast, Back, F/C and another great PB of 12 seconds on 100m I.M.

Beth Denholm– PB on 50m Fly, Breast taking 6th place medal, Back picking up Bronze medal, F/C, 100m I.M.- 9 second PB picking up 6th Place medal and 200m F/C another great PB of 17½ seconds.

Thomas Dryden– PB 50m Fly picking up silver medal, Breast just missing out on medals in 7th place, Back picking up 5th place medal, F/C picking up Bronze medal, 100m I.M. picking up 4th place medal and 200m F/C picking up a 6th place medal

Sarah Sommerville- PB on 50m Fly, Breast, Back, 200m F/C just outside on 50m F/C

Sarah Eunson- PB on 50n Fly, Breast, Back, F/C great PB of 13½ seconds on 100m I.M & 8½ seconds on 200m F/C.

Nikki Pettitt-PB on 50m Fly, Back, F/C, 100m I.M. Jusy outside on Breast stroke & another great PB of 21 seconds on 200m F/C

Nathan Avinou– PB on 50m Fly, Breast, Back & F/C

Erin Murray– PB on 50m Breast, Back, F/C, great PB on 50 Fly-9seconds coming 7th & just missing out in the medals, 10½ on 10m I.M & a huge 20½ PB on 200m F/C

Amy Sylvester– PB on 50m Fly, Back, Breast, F/C, a great PB on 100m I.M. of 17½ seconds & on 200m F/C of 9 seconds.

Jennifer Louden– PB on 50m Breast, Back, great PBs of 12 seconds on Fly & 10 seconds on 200m F/C

Fraser Bissett– PB on 50m Fly, Back, Breast & F/C just outside on IM 7& 200m on F/C

Ellie Brown- PB on 50n Fly, Breast, Back and another great PB of 14 seconds on 100m I.M.

A great day had been all and I am sure the parents were well please seeing how well their children swam on the day. Thanks goes to Vicky Mc Farlane for helping with the younger swimmers on the Saturday. Many thanks, to Warrender Club who provided delicious food over the two days.

Irene Skeldon ( Bronze Squad Coach)

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