Haddington 100s – Colin, Lesley and Irene

This meet was held at Prestonpans on 20th September 2008 and was the first meet for our swimmers following the summer break.
There were some great results starting with the very first event, the 100m backstroke. Nicola Thorburn, who only recently returned to the club, swam her best time for a while claiming the silver in the 14 years and over age group, marginally outside her personal best. However in the corresponding boy’s event, Chris Kerr went one better, winning the event in a time almost 3 seconds faster than his previous best.
Calum Archibald also took gold with a 3 second PB along with Prentice Robertson with a massive 11 second PB. Michael Flynn, Chris Doull and Olivia McGinley all picked up bronzes each with excellent PBs. Pbs without honours were achieved by Ellie Richardson, Amy Flynn, Jenny Jubb, Jennifer Kerr, Nicola Wood, Euan Waugh and Cameron Rennie.
Beth Denholm who for the first time swimming 100m in competition achieved a massive PB of 13 seconds, place 5th in this event. Sarah Sommerville also had a massive PB of 12 seconds, place 9th in her age group. Jennifer Louden another great PB of 9 seconds and Fraser Bissett with a 6 second PB.

The next event was the 400m freestyle which was an open event, and was won by Jo Pettitt in a fantastic time of 4.47.77 which reduced the club record by 10 seconds. Lisa Fraser took the bronze in this event and there were very good personal best swims from Lindsay Sinclair, Nicola Thorburn, Rachel Gibson and Beth Gray.
In the boy’s event, Robbie Dalgetty won bronze and he was closely followed in 4th, 5th & 6th by Callum McKain, Jack Bissett and Chris Kerr respectively. David Graham and Leigh Stadnik also had great swims. All 6 boys produced huge personal bests.

In the 100m breaststroke, Beth Gray produced a PB whilst missing out on 3rd place by 0.05 seconds. In the older age group, Vicky McFarlane reversed this, winning the bronze by a similar margin.
Michael Flynn added a gold and a 4 second PB to his collection with Cameron Rennie and Euan Waugh both getting silvers and 4 second Pbs.
Calum Archibald was delighted in collecting a bronze and a 19 second PB!
The PB achievers were Helen Cassidy , Heather Duncan, Jennifer Kerr,  Nicola Wood, Cheryl MacLaren, Prentice Robertson and Chris Doull.
Beth Denholm gained another  PB of  5 seconds collecting a Bronze medal in this event. Sarah Somerville an excellent PB of 10 seconds. Alana Grieg with another good PB of 7 seconds, Amy Sylvester 2 seconds with Anna Wilson just inside her PB.  Fraser Bissett did actually get a  good PB of 6 seconds as the entry time was incorrect.

The afternoon session got off to a good start with both Jo Pettitt and Lindsay Sinclair winning silver and Robbie Dalgetty, bronze in the 100m butterfly, all reducing their time significantly as did David Graham in finishing 4th.
Olivia McGinley, Thomas Dryden and Michael Flynn all won golds and magnificent Pbs in their age groups. Cameron Rennie took a silver with Prentice Robertson and Calum Archibald collecting bronzes. These swimmers all produced excellent Pbs along with Ellie Richardson, Jenny Jubb, Nicola Wood, Cheryl MacLaren and Euan Waugh.

The final event, the 100m freestyle, saw Thomas Dryden winning gold and a 2 second Pb, followed by a silver from Calum Archibald (9 second PB), and bronze from Chris Doull (3 second PB) all in their respective age groups. Pbs were achieved by  Michael Flynn, Cameron Rennie, Prentice Robertson, Jack Dryden and Euan Waugh. In the older boys  event there were excellent personal best swims from Callum McKain, Jack Bissett and Leigh Stadnik.
In the girls event there were further medals for Lisa Fraser and Nicola Thorburn who won silver and bronze respectively. PBs were achieved by  Ellie Richardson, Jenny Jubb, Jennifer Kerr, Nicola Wood, Cheryl MacLaren and Olivia McGinley.
Several swimmers had massive PB’s,  Alana Grieg -16 seconds, Sarah Sommerville -14 seconds, Jennifer Louden -12 seconds, Amy Sylvester -10 seconds, Beth Denholm 8 seconds, Emma Thomson -8 seconds and Anna Wilson 7 seconds.
Fraser Bissett did not let the boys down he also had a massive 10 second PB collecting a bronze medal in this event.

This was a great competition bringing together a combination of Gold, Silver and Bronze Squads.
The results were fantastic. Some swimmers didn’t just knock one or two seconds from their PBs, they smashed them by 5 to 10+ seconds!
We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring!
Keep working hard to keep up the good work.

Colin, Lesley and Irene

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